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quit smoking
quit smoking

You can quit smoking # Ready to Quit Smoking # Stop Smoking For Good # Are you among the 70 percent of smokers who wish you could quit? Then you probably know firsthand that quitting smoking is not easy, and usually requires multiple attempts before you successfully stop But quitting smoking for good is possible: According to the U.


Centers for Disease Control about 48 million adults are former smokers; there are more former smokers in the nation than current smokers.

And many of them are Everyday Health Facebook fans, who recently shared the strategies that helped them kick butt Here are some of our favorite motivational tips and inspirational stories.

Not sure how to quit smoking cigarettes? Try one of these 20+ ways to stop smoking and start your path towards a healthier, smoke-free life.

The more you anticipate the challenges to quitting, and their solutions, the better your chance of success Make copies of the list and keep one with you at all times so when the craving hits, you can whip out the list and quickly do something from it.