Xiaomi Mi5S Plus – Review

Xiaomi Mi5S Plus
Xiaomi Mi5S Plus

Hi, Julian of China-Gadgets.

De here! And I want the Xiaomi imagine today Mi5S Plus.

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Since there is then all specs and benchmark results, because here in the video, it should only times about Go: What is that thing? How does that feel and how it performs as such in everyday life? Some time ago we had the Mi5 here and that has us already liked and just now the successor in the phablet version.

Cost point is there currently in about 350 €.

Processing here is really tip top, here nothing wobbles, the buttons sit bombproof, have a metal back and the front looks just very classy.

In terms of size it is a bit like an iPhone 7 Plus, that is just we here a phablet and to get off but still everywhere.

If you had no phablet, you have to because maybe just used to it, but after this period of acclimatization, it is just to use even with one hand, if the because is sometimes necessary, for example in the web.

We have a 5.

7-inch Full HD display, which is protected by Gorilla Glass.

4 That is precisely we should let the phone fall sometimes, should not happen, of course, but as we all know, that is surely quite ever fall out of the bag, when the race track or something.

And since it is precisely then protected by Gorilla Glass 4 and should not be broken up Go, the display.

We have here a very nice color reproduction, so the are very strong and the colors the screen is evenly also very light, so that the well can be used quite when times a little more sunshine and yes, the other displays might bring me much more difficult is there something to see.

Here everything is going to be super liquid, the operating system here MIUI 8 based have on Android 6 and we sometimes tested everything.

Yes, games, YouTube, Facebook, what you just as making and also runs just super.

We can go to our China-Gadgets.

De app here once, can make here's a video.

Yes, so that's not a thing that everything's working liquid.

Speaker has now perhaps where, at a video review you can hear the perhaps not so, but in music, which are just a little much treble.

Well, normally you hear anyway through headphones or even a Bluetooth speaker.

Then it but a very, very nice point is the fingerprint sensor we here at have the back.

The works really quite quickly and properly.

So it is very rare that the time does not work and that's really smart.

Then we have up here a 4 megapixel front camera, have here on the back we have a dual camera.

I'll get the ran times closer.

This is very chic, we have here that is even a 13 megapixel RGB sensor, for color is, and a 13-megapixel sensor for black and white.

This has, in effect, an effect similar to HDR, but acts just in low light area, ie precisely when it is already quite dark, much better than HDR, with less Artifacts and images look just simply better.

Disadvantage, if one now wants to see as a disadvantage is, that only works when Photos and just not in videos.

Yes, so if we're fucked here, here we have this stereo mode is called the, the you can turn on and off and video there is not the content.

And before I now long chatterbox, I show you simply times a few videos.

As you can see, the videos are in spite of the fact that you do not use this dual camera just still tip top, look good and so, what do we have? We have a strong 3800mAh battery that lasts for 7-8 hours as on-screen time, the simple is just to display and which resulted in me so in 2 days use about.

Charged is then thanks to Quick Charge 3.

0 down here through the USB C within 1 1/2 hours, which is indeed really nice swiftly, so that no one ever long on his cell phone must wait.

Up here we have then a Benachrichtungs LED, that is precisely when we book with WhatsApp, Facebook wherever get a message, we see up here.

Then, I will show you even quickly, we have here on the side of the SIM slot, which is a Dual SIM standby slot, that is, precisely, we have space for two nano-SIM card, we can alternately use.

When you say now, you need a card for business and a card for private, then a good way is just to unite in one mobile phone.

Then, who is wirelessly on the go, for Bluetooth headset, headphones, speakers, whatever, here we still have Bluetooth 4.

2 on board and there is precisely the advantage compared to 4.

0 that just less battery consumption.

What indeed is beautiful.

Yes, it was on the whole with the phone.

What are now the specific disadvantages? Well, we have the SIM slot, but nowhere else something where we store could expand.

I think it comes from the memory of the mobile phone, so only a minor complaint.

Then second disadvantage: hard built-up battery.

Is now standard, unfortunately.

Must So even if you take into account other cellphones buys now.

Then what will disappoint many and for some maybe even a KO his point is that we have no LTE band 20th For me personally, this is no problem, I use absolutely no LTE, but in the Comments we have often read that for you a LTE band 20 a must.

Too bad, you would certainly be able to include here.

Why Xiaomi has not done, you do not know.

But then the very positive points, the fingerprint scanner, yes or sensor works really great, also super quickly and yes, this is really so, I think so, the highlight of the whole mobile phone.

That's really great, that was when Mi5 already so and then just see the long battery life is very good and the cameras are just too great, so that you can take good pictures, good make videos and it looks really nice.

If you still have questions, then they just hit me in the comments, and then another question for you: Do you need LTE 20 LTE Band 20 or tells her how I, the is completely useless for me and also reaches the normal network, as am I still go fast enough.

Now if you Bock have to learn more, then it's down here right to the article.

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