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Top 10 Best technology 2016 we find it increasingly hard to put awayour phone but there's a better way of not giving into your addiction I'm a much better way introducingdistracted on put up to four phones in one box set thetimer and enjoy a period without constant distraction once it's locked you'll have to waituntil the set time is over yep that's right it won't open so go ahead and punish your phoneobsessed teenager find some peace who knows maybe you'll even strike up aconversation with your money we can start production making sure distractedon is as compact as awesome as possible please help us make this happen let's make the world a more social place distracted on find focus fast yeah this is altered nozzle a beautiful newtype of aerator that fits into your existing tab by atomizing water andcreating a missed you can do exactly the same things you do today only withninety-eight percent less water this is what happens with the regularfaucet most of the water either bounces off your skin or just passes your handswithout touching them at all that's millions of gallons of waterliterally sleeping through our fingers and down the drain we need to change that and that's why wewant your help so how do we save ninety-eight percentor water without losing functionality the trick is in atomization you break upthe border into millions of droplets and basically you're creating a heavy mistwith our missed your getting contact with much much greater percentage of thewater almost all of it that's why you can wash your hands do your dishes with just a fraction ofthe water coming out of your tap but sometimes you need more water that's why we developed the switch inswitch-mode you still save eighty-five percent of the water compared to yourregular tab but you still get all the water you need approximately eighty percent of thewater use in our homes is water running through our taps that's about thirty twogallons of water per household per day if we do the math and look at some ofthe most water stress cities in the world that's about 220 million gallonsof water running through the taps in Tokyo 240 millions in Shanghai 40million gallons in Los Angeles and fifty million in Rio de Canaille every day andmost of it is down the drain there are already millions of forces inthe world that's why we developed the auto nozzle to be easily installed inyour existing one by altering your existing forsett rather than buying anew one you get the same effect that the fraction of the cost the force that isalso part of our interior design so if it doesn't look good it just going toend up in some drawer that's why we spent a lot of time designing thealternate nostril we ended up with this drop shape it clearly makes officialstatement but at the same time it makes it easy to switch between missed andsafe mode today over 1 billion people are living in areas with extreme waterstress it affects people in the United States Brazil China Spain basicallyeverywhere and by the end of the year twenty twenty an estimated three billionpeople are going to live in these areas it's something we need to do somethingabout we're ready for production but we need your help to find the first line ofaltered nozzles be part of creating a really cool product something we believecan be a small and simple solution to a huge problem oh and if you like it please spread theword thanks hi I'm Dave and I like to make thingsfor the longest time I've been looking for a building system that strong yetconvenient and affordable problem is i just couldn't find what I was lookingfor so i created make a pipe is simple affordable easy-to-use system ofconnectors that pairs with inexpensive electrical conduit the result is abuilding platform with endless possibilities it's a smart elegant way to create whatyou love let me tell you the things you can makewith it are infinite so if you like John and need to supportyour leisurely hobbies cheers or to go for something a littlebit more on the extreme side let's see what you got yeah yeah San is making pipe is bun the only limitto what you can use it for is your imagination our desire was not only tomake something endlessly creative but also for bolt which we did and here'show electrical conduit is an extremely inexpensive type of metal pipe thatelectricians use all the time you can find it at almost any hardware store themaker pipe connector system turns that conduit into one of the most versatileand cost-effective building materials you can find but not only is maker pipeeasy to build and adjust its completely reusable so build something you love andif you get tired of it turned into something else and when you get tired ofthat well you get the picture transforming itfrom one thing to the next or even breaking it down to move it is easy asturning a hex bolt making it extremely portable but this portability doesn'tmean you have to sacrifice the integrity of your bills make a pipe is superstrong and durable to demonstrate we had the biggest guy we know stand on it andthen we gave him an engine yes yes thank you thank you mr.

President we've all received some great feedback on these connectors makers loveit students and educators love it roboticsteams love it hackerspaces love it and we know thatonce you get your hands on it you're going to love it too with your help we can put theseconnectors into mass production and start you on your way to making yourvery own designs of reality so check out the building kits we have availablethrough our kickstarter and join our maker community back maker pipe today sowe can make these connectors and you can make well anything you want we live on a planet that 71 percentwater we've only explored 10% of it we're about to change that The Phantom one is an easy-to-useunderwater drone that you control your smartphone or tablet we designed it tobe the most affordable most versatile underwater drone ever made and after twofull years of prototype in development were finally ready to bring underwaterexploration and education to the masses i'm john i'm at i'm danny we're a teamof outdoor enthusiasts scuba divers engineers and travellers had an idea foran underwater drone that we could take anywhere and use in any environment igrew up spending summers on Lake Louise in northern Michigan or a lot of largelogging operations took place in the eighteen hundreds jump forward 200 yearsand now every cottage has artifacts and pieces of history on their walls thatwashed up on the beach but they're still legends of horse-drawn sled that fellthrough the ice and got stuck at the bottom just waiting to be explored I thought if I can control an aerialdrone from a mobile app to explore from above why couldn't do the same thing fromunderwater that's when pattern was born underwater remotely operated vehiclesare RVs have been around for awhile but they're mainly large expensive in sexualdevices tell her to big ships in early consumer rvs inspired by the BigBrother's cost well over a thousand dollars with no mobile app for pilotingand you need to be a pretty good hacker to put them together we knew we wanted an underwater dronethat anyone could drop into any body of water and pilot easily using an app ontheir smart device and it had to be small and light enough to carry aroundme a completely new compact design it had to come fully assembledout-of-the-box including an onboard 1080p HD camera and built-in highintensity LED headlights for clear viewing and it had to be as affordableas lower-cost flying drones with comparable equipment so that everymodern day explore could have one we built the fathom one with all of thosefeatures and thanks to custom components in a streamlined design now you can haveit for under six hundred dollars that's less than half the price of the closestcompetition above all we made the Phantom one supereasy to use but that doesn't mean it's limited this thing is fully modular ourpatent-pending thruster attachment system allows you to easily remove allthree thrusters for packing but also enables customization and upgrades tospecialized thrusters such as these ones with larger fins for stabilization andwe're hoping our backer community will create and share their own ideas forcustomization other one also features an integrated rail system that makes addingaccessories like action cameras and additional lights or other sensors abreeze just slide it on click it in and you're ready to go we put everything that we have intomaking underwater exploration and education more accessible to the masseswe build the prototypes validated our designs and now ready to go intofull-scale manufacturing all that's left is for you to kick-start community toshow us that you want an underwater drone that's affordable portable modularand completely easy-to-use right out-of-the-box fathom is your chance togo deep and see the world in an entirely new way the possibilities are truly endless whatcan you fathom what's up Kickstarter this is brandonKobe cofounders of robo 3d and we are back after launching our first producton Kickstarter three years ago we're proud to announce not one but twonew products of the robo family the Robo c2 and the Robo are two 3d printers eachone set to redefine the boundaries of 3d printing we've really built theindustry's wishlist 3d printers everything from best-in-class printsizes the ability to print 20-plus materials class-leading print speeds at250 millimeters a second removable printheads built-in color touch screensas well as built-in Wi-Fi with a smartphone out for wireless printing allthis and playing with so we really built these printers from the inside outwanted to be structurally sound and robust so you can print fast you canprint big and you could print with any type of material out there we're building this new line of machinesour intention was really to put all the technology and devices that we see insmart electronics into this new line of machine what inspires me about the technologythat we work with is how easy it can be to use so we designed this c2 in the areto be a full out-of-the-box spirits pull the printer out a quick five minute setup and you're ready to print we really want these products be an extension ofyour personality and of your life so as you grow as a designer as you grow as acreator we want this product to stand there with you and really help andsupport you along that line we've come a long way over the lastcouple of years we were just a few guys in a garage trying to build a businessand now we're a team of over 30 really appreciate our loyal customers fans andKickstarter backers and it's because of you that we've been able to create thesenext generation of pride yeah we hope you're as excited as we are tolaunch these new products without kickstart your guys support we wouldn'tbe where we are today so we're so excited to give you exclusive access tothe first use of the product and be able to get a discounted price so please seewhat we have to offer below and messaged us if you have any questions at allwe're always here for you fear is pretty awesome and we all knowthat beer tastes best fresh in the tap with the perfect amount of carbonationand texture but in order to reach the masses beer sold in cans and bottlesworldwide and unfortunately for his beer lovers it just doesn't taste as visitdoes fresh from the tap until now introducing wait tab way tab has beendeveloped to deliver that fresh from the tap experience no matter where you arewhether you're at the barbecue dinner party sporting event or camping trip orwherever you enjoy the weight tap delivers the best possible beer drinkingexperience with our patented visit technology when you pull the tap handleforward the beer is poured under pressure to maintain the carbonation thebody the beer and when you push the handle backwards the beer passes throughour sonic oscillator which creates an ideal density film that provides a richtruth full body texture of an authentic draft beer we don't use any gaschemicals are added it just thoughtful science and a passion for making beertastes the way the brewmasters intended last year we introduced our firstgeneration products to the market through crowdfunding in the response wasoverwhelming not only we found an audience for ourproduct but we also found a community of people who are really passionate aboutfear the same way we are since then we built a small team andhave been all over the country meeting with factors customers and brewershearing directly from them about how much and why they love visit with ournew way tap draft beer system we set out to build a more portable and affordabledesign so beer lovers and beer novices alike can enjoy the flavor and taste ofauthentic draft here at home anywhere we're coming back to the crowdfrom the community with their new product because we want to put it in thehands of beer lovers who are the most passionate at the end of the day wherepeople just like you who love beer in the community around it well thank you for your support Cheers do you ever feel like you just can'tescape the heat well now you can wherever you go sayhello to the zero breeze the world's coolest portable yeah hi I'm Duncan i'm here today to tell youabout 00 breezes the first-of-its-kind never before have you been able to takean air conditioner wherever you go it's lightweight whisper quiet and loadedwith cool features not only is it the best portable air conditioner you canbuy it's a bluetooth speaker a nightlight and a cell phone chargingstation our team has been developing thisproduct over the past two years and it is the first portable air conditioner touse a rotary compressor 0 breeze is capable of cooling 50 square foot roomdown to 44 degrees which is perfect for in RV a college dorm a tent are prettymuch anywhere you can use it by plugging it in or by using its long-lastingbattery power and the battery only takes three to five hours to fully charge ithas three fan speeds and cool settings zero breeze is superlight weighing in atonly 14 pounds if using the zero breeze inside simply attach the hose and extendthe other end outside the warm LED light provides the perfect amount of light forcamping are other outdoor activities to use the bluetooth speaker simply liftthe front panel and connect to your phone you control your volume levels andstep through songs right from the zero breeze keep the zero breeze wherever yougo so many situations in my life have been made more enjoyable thanks 20breeze so how old's 0 breeze help you stay cool we're so excited for you the Kickstartercommunity to be the first to have this product you can check out our rewardsand thank you for supporting 0 degrees yeah once again we can't thank you enough foryour support never worry about the heat again andstay cool wherever you go with zero breeze the world's coolest portable airconditioner we've entered the age of personalmanufacturing but when it comes to making durable things in your own shop there's still no easy way to cut hardmaterials as makers and engineers we need to work with all materials so we'vebuilt a machine that could the first desktop waterjet laser works bycombining abrasive particles with the high-pressure water street mixture exitsthe nozzle and cuts through the workpiece it's great for any workoutbecause every material its compact and contains and it's digital so you canmake precise cuts that are impossible to make any other way as an industrial designer I've used avariety of desktop application to but they tend to be very limited by thedurability of the materials you can use on those machines but it desktopwaterjet we can go from design to component to fitting that componenttesting within a couple of hours that's an incredibly powerful to as ajeweler and an artist with the work i make i spend a lot of time hand-cuttingso right now i'm selling pieces sort of as almost limited edition because ican't physically output them not because I want to be making the limited editionlaser would allow me to not only make a lot more but also to lower the price.

So they be available to a broader audience I think you know people tend to havetheir ideas constrained by their tools and things are capable of working withand having a water jet cutter which has the ability to cut a broader range ofmaterials hard materials like steel and glass will be enabling and make themthink in different ways and have them build different things that could buildbefore the future of manufacturing is in custom local fabrication people will beable to make things in your own workshop that they can use every single day andwill last a lifetime as mechanical electrical and manufacturing engineersdesigned products manufactured components and set-up assembly line fromthe past now we're preparing for production but we move enough orders toproduce the machines cost effectively we've created a unique desktop tool andwe're really looking forward to all the amazing things that people create withit yeah yeah yeah yeah it's really good volume i can youeverything didn't hit amazing it's amazing how I hear the sounds greatthrough yeah right well I don't miss my buddy music yeah oh wow I really tall that's crazy yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah revolt is proof that a personal aircraftcan be easy to fly comfortable and affordable all at the same time yeah imagine fine over mountains lakes riversand traffic jam our aim has been to create a cute rustic means of transportthat is as efficient as it is easy to use the bolt needs only one-tenth the energyused by the most efficient vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and is moreeco-friendly than any other your vehicle electric or not current airplanes alsoin complex logistics for the transport and huge areas for takeoff and landingthe bolt needs less than 50 meters and give you transported in any kind of carrevolt has been classified as a parameter which means it is not subjectto many of the regulations for other motorized aircraft even though revolt isa revolutionary paramotor with improved quality and safety it can be used in anyconventional paramotor reaching the stream is not been easyrequired years of hard work with our own cash to evolve from a loud prototype toa real commercial product we need your help when you join our kickstartercampaign you become part of revolts production and engineering process believe in the freedom to move in abetter future personal flight for everyone be part of the revolution.