This Gadget Can Do 8 Things


(lip trill) – Here we are guys.

Tiny Tim here and whatwe're checking out is this little gadget that canlegit do eight insane things.

It can charge your phone, call your mom, it's a USB hard drive.

Its got everything so let's check it out.

So this thing right hereis called the WonderCube.

It's kind of expensive for what you get.

It's like 50 bucks.

If you guys want to check it out I'll leave a link down below and I actually backedthis thing on Indiegogo.

And a few years later it finally showed up.

So thanks for not like scamming me.

I really appreciate it.

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You guys have been crushin it recently.

Big things come in small packages.

This thing's awesome.

And what it is it cando eight insane things.

It can charge your phone.

And it's a flash drive.

It's a microSD reader.

It has a phone stand.

This thing, legit, doeslike everything you want.

In like a little tiny package.

Oh it's so cute.

So what I like about this is it's super small soit can fit on a keychain.

And you can just, honestly, throw this in your backpack and your set.

And I think I justaccidentally unlocked my car so that's awful.

I gotta go do that after this video.

But it is a flashlight.

It's little.

It's tiny and it's actually kindabright for what you get.

So that's really awesome.

Another thing that it can do.

And you gotta be super careful 'cause it's kinda flimsy.

And I might or might nothave already cracked this.

I am a spaz.

I know I'm a spaz.

So it's cracked right here.

But basically you just take a microSD card and if you're taking photos or you wanna swap something on the go, you just slot that on in there.

Oh my god I'm so scared.

It's this little tiny plastic piece that could easily just snap off.

And then you find your local laptop.

I found this at an internet cafe.

If you're missing a laptop, I got it right here.

And "boom" you have an SD card reader and a flash drive.

Another cool thing that I found it does is say, you're in one ofthose tricky situations where you need to charge your phone but you don't actually have a power bank or anything like that.

Well, it comes with a built-in cable so you can charge it from the USB.


So like normal, like normal.

But say you can't go findone of your computers at the internet cafe.

You can actually just take out one of these two volt batteries here.

Or I think that's what it's called.

And then you just pop this on off.

Cooperate with me.

Then you just slot thetwo volt battery like right on in there.

I didn't even know this existed.

I had to like actually go look this up.

Just like that.

You click that on in there.

You go in the right way.

Okay we're good.

And then from there gotta get my iPhone.

Press that like that.

And "Boom!" we're charging! This is insane.

And I heard if you lick a two volt battery you can get shocked.

Oh, nope! Yep! Yep! Yep! Yep! Yep! Yep! And the last really awesome thing besides, like, gettingan emergency charger and, like, charging your phoneis if you want to sync stuff.

You know, put some new songs on there.

"boom!" You just plug your iPhone on in and you're set.

And this actually, theymake an Android version so if you don't own an iPhone, You're still covered.


That's pretty trip for this video.

The WonderCube is legit insane.

I actually think this is worth it like no matter how much it costs.

Just chillin hanging on my phone, looking all whack.

But yeah, that's prettytrip for this video.

I hope my iPhone's okay there.

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Big things do come in small packages.

They can be one inch.

Size don't matter in this case.

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Dongles! They're cool.