This Cool iPhone Gadget


What's up guys, Lew here back with another video and my eternal hunt for cool things on amazon continues This guy here is called the stance Multi function stand/tripod for your iPhone It uses the lightning port as a basis for a quick release on and off functionality It does some other cool things too.

It even got a bottle opener in it Because you might get thirsty.

I'm thirsty right now Not only it will let you take better pictures But it also work as a little mini stand for watching video and what-not You guys have been asking for more affordable cool items, and they're out there Like I said before, I'm- I'm on the hunt Hopefully, this is one of them It's not really a manual, it's more of a card explaining what's going on And this is for the lightning adaptator, interesting.

(Plastic snaps) WOW! So, that's pretty solid! Made out of metal Oh like- OOOH- OOOOH! Right! Like so.

Sweet! Now you are just like uh- What are you doing? You are recording a video Look at that! Now you're watchin- Now you're in lunch You've got this little.

Pocket stand.

Youtube videos just got a lot more comfy.

If you've got some camera apps With more functionality you can do some cool things like longer exposures for example Now, this part here is interesting.

I guess what happens.


I see what happens.

It clips on To that portion and then you run your cable though here Let's see how this guy goes.

Alright WOW! That's a pretty Solid fit in there Anyway, that's kind of the idea The other end goes on here like this (Phone fall) Am I doing that the right way? There you go! Yeah, you can see where it lines up User error there I mean, it works if that's what you're hoping for Honestly, I kinda feel like I like this thing more In landscape mode And if you've got this like say.

Beside your bed Or something.

And just sits there like that It'll- It'll not only keep your cable, your charge cable on the table But also you just get to bed, you do that.

And now you have an alarm clock Unless I'm doing this whole thing wrong Which I just discovered I am It goes like that I'm doing Uh.

I was doing the whole thing wrong THAT'S the way it goes That's- That's the way! I like it! I mean it's a ball-head, you can really pivot it Jack, are you picking that up? Alright, photo.

Boom! Perfect Plus, the bottle opener What if you just wanna have a classic? OK, not the greatest bottle opener I've ever seen Or maybe it's just cuz' it's- Gets the job done Right now everyone is saying: "Sponsored by Coca-Cola" Not yet! If you're Mr.

Coke Gimme a ring! Holy hand cramping.