The TOP 11 movie gadgets OF ALL TIME!


One thing we've all dreamed of? gettinga hold of some of the amazing gadgets that we see in the movies.

This is Stuff and we're counting down ourpicks of the 11 best movie gadgets of all time, as voted for by our team.

Collecting a TiVo remote that controls the real world from the cinematic godthat is Christopher Walken? Yes please! Having to be Adam Sandler todo it? Not so much.

Nevertheless, being able to mute and fastforward everyday annoyances is probably worth it – – as demonstrated in the 2006 'comedy' Click.

We're certainly not short on classic movie robots to choose from but TARS & CASEfrom recent Christopher Nolan's science-fest Interstellar were our editorsfavorites.

As with many of Nolan's special effects,these robots were actually built in real life and then tweaked or replaced withCGI during post-production.

But remember though, if anyone tells youthat they actually understood the ending of Interstellar, then their honestyparameter was probably set to lower than 70% James Bond and gadgetsgo together like vodka and martini.

While he's probably most famous for histricked out watches, it was these x-ray shades from The World Is Not Enough thatgot our vote, and no, it's not just so we can check out people's underwear.

It's sowe can see into their houses as well.

Tony Stark is a man that knows a thingor two about tech.

By Captain America Civil War, he's built a total of 46 variantsof his iconic exosuit and multiple ways to deploy the armour.

The coolest, though,is his emergency suitcase suit which he used during the grand prix fight inIron Man 2.

How long have we been promised computers with floating screens and gesture controls? Well Xbox's Kinect came close, but that wasused primarily for games, and was so unpopular that Microsoft had to ditch itfrom the Xbox One.

Minority Report's computer looks like it would be aperfect interface for video editors if, what they were editing was thefootage of future murders spilled out of the brains of crazy people.



Move in.


Blade Runner's ESPER machine isn't theonly photo enhancement gadget in the movies but it is the one that we wish weactually had in real life.

Harrison Ford literally looks around thecorner in a picture and enhances a reflection to identify his next suspect.

Enhance 15 to 23.

Give me a hard copy right there.

If you though Pierce Brosnan's x-rayglasses were cool, then Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit is todie for.

The British-made 70s supercar doublesas a missile-firing submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me.

Elon Musk bought the submarine version ofthe car in real life (called Wet Nellie) at auction, and has plans to make it afully working electric road car and submarine.

"Get away from her, you Bitch!" If you wereup against a 20-foot tall alien queen then you'd probably want to be in anexoskeleton forklift machine too.




In reality, though, there wasa stunt man hiding behind Sigourney Weaver, doing all of the puppeteering work.

Sorry – that's movie magic for you.

Do you drink to forget? Well, if you ever see any alien goings-on, you may not need to.

Men in Black gave us the neuralyzer, which wipes thesubject's short-term memory, to be replaced with whatever story the MiB tell them.

The only protection is a pair of 1990s Ray-Ban Predators,which by coincidence also look pretty cool.

In the runner-up position we have one of the most iconic gadgets ever committed to celluloid.

Back to the Future part II's tech prediction was the perfectly named 'Hoverboard', whichsadly we still don't have, even though we're now past the date the movie wasset in.

There have been many attempts to make the tech real, but as far as we knowthey also don't work on water.

And at number one is the movie gadget that theStuff team wants more than any other in the galaxy.

That's right – where would we be withoutthe lightsaber? The 'elegant weapon for a more civilized age' has been on most ofour Christmas wishlist's since we were a child, and in fact it's probably morelusted after than ever since Kylo Ren's incredibly cool crossguard lightsaberfrom Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens <makes lightsaber noises> That's right – I bet you're making thosesounds right about now as well.

No? Just me.

Oh, okay then.

That's Stuff's top eleven movie gadgets of all time.

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