MY Favorite 3 COOL Xiaomi GADGETS! [2016]


Well Hey guys.

Welcome back! This video is something special.

Its about some of my favorite Xiaomi TECHproducts which is insanely the best for a budget! Xiaomi is keeping everything cool.

Basically there is nothing which would beas diverse or maybe.

as extraordinary as Xiaomi company itself.

Its something great of them, to make and phones,MIUI and also these cool gadgets.


All big talks later.

Lets see my first favorite one now.

Its none other than the Mi band 2 itself.

I have neither been a fan of all these fitnesstrackers or nether am I a fitness type of guy.

But I still love this product.

It basically a small smartwatch which is bothfitness and.

a sort of app notifier! It basically performs even more.

The watch is small.

Like all fitness bandsare! The Mi band 2 now comes with a 0.

42" OLEDdisplay screen with touch button control.

Its capacitive touch button.

Tapping the button you could see the currenttime.

and now with the latest update you could even get the current day and time.

Again tapping it shows the steps walked,distance travelled, the heart rate sensor and the amount of battery left.

The special thing I like about this mi bandis that, it is app compatible like all others fitness bands are.

and too it has a heartrate sensor.

I not kinda sure if the heart rate is corrector not.

Since the basic functionality is to trackour steps, I would say it works alright! Coming at a price tag of $32, I must say.

You can never get something special like this.

This could be the best gift you could buyfor anyone at any occasion.

Next is something which you already know.

Mi router 3.

This is the unboxing of the router.

The big box with some Chinese inscriptions.

Of all its features.

and price tag of $30.

which is again near 2000 Rs.

Inside we have the big router with the 4 antennas.

Under which is the charging cable, which is the US type.

It's small and light weight.

and comparedto the previous version, I don't know what to say.

Its like a little big brother.

The new change Xiaomi has introduced thistime.

is more stability and enhanced WiFi reception range.

However I don't feel a big change with theextra 2 antennas.

I would say that.

the range has extendeda few 10-15 feet extra.

This router is app controllable too.

You can control and see who all are usingyour network.

and specially keep downloads in this router.


Even torrents.

! The best part all Xiaomi Routers are thatyou can access whats connected to this router from anywhere in the world though this app,making it easier for us to manage and access files in the usb drive connected to this.

Xiaomi says that you can get WiFi transferrates upto 1167Mbps, which I dont think is true.


It gives good speed rates for streamingFULL HD videos over wifi connected storage.


do keep in mind that I'm not talkingof internet speed, its the network storage access speeds.

There are some good security features in therouter which makes this unique, including anti-hijacking /anti-phishing / anti-malwaresites and even includes settings for VPN's.

Next up.

is not pretty old though.

But the Mi In-Ear Headphones also known asthe Mi Piston 3.

It is incredibly awesome.

You get this Mi Piston in an nicely packedglass box, which includes the Earphone and the 3 sized earbuds.

Starting from the build quality of this thing,Its pretty materialistic.

I would rate this 8.

5/10 for the best buildquality.

Its made of plastic, giving it the advantageof feeling much lighter on the ear.

The two nicely curved earpieces is an eyecatching.

It feels comfortable in the ear for long hours.

But not greater than 5 hrs for me.

You have a switch to control the music trackor the volumes.


This is metallic.

And it provides a nice handheld experience, exceptfor the fact that if you are having a long fingers, it becomes difficult for you to pressthe buttons.


The sound quality is great.

It packs up a nice amount of bass, which isis my main priority.

Voices were clear, but sometimes the ups anddowns weren't that properly equalised.

But I had no problem with this since I managethis with the help of an equalizer.

Moreover I don't know why.

but I feel blackcolor was much better than this.

If you are thinking of buying a earphone for$14.

which is a thousand rupees in India, then this is something you should really considerbuying.


That was my take on My Favorite 3 XiaomiTECH Products! I hope you would have enjoyed this.

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