Must Have! Best Cool Car Gadgets/Car Accessories 2017


Hey guys welcome to the video you've probably seen some videos with take under 10 or check under 25 but I haven't really seen anything specifically for cars so in this video we'll talk about some car accessories you can buy and we'll try to stay at a price point of twenty-five dollars an hour and if you like this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up share with your friends and with that being said let's get started starting off for this we have a microfiber car duster now this is something i would recommend every driver to help it has a good build quality and it's only for seven dollars and it's completely microfiber so cleaning your car is much easier using this I will have that link down in the description for this so if you're interested in checking it out go ahead and next up i would recommend a hydraulic jack now this one is only for twenty dollars right now is able to carry two terms of weight which is more than enough if you're trying to repair your car or even if you want to replace this Jack instead of the manual Jackie record comes with its not way too big or way too heavy so storing it in your caution be a problem meter I just in case if you need to use it on spot it will make lifting your car tactless and for twenty dollars with free shipping i would definitely recommend it and if you're into repairing cars or just changing your brakes or drinking oil change this could be a great handy tool for you now how many times have you seen a car with a check engine light on i'm pretty sure you have at one point or the other and foremost party have no idea what the engine light came on it could be a result of something that's pretty inexpensive or something that's very expensive and using a tool has a obd scanner you're able to check your engine codes yourself at home and using it is very simple just put the obd scanner into your dashboard and the scanner will read all close to you just go on google and search of the cause and you'll see exactly what the code is there and if you're trying to buy a car it's a good idea to have openly scanner with you you can plug it into any card and it's only see if the cars any problems or any trouble codes you can even use this tool to clear any cool story so let's see if you have an engine light you could just clear the insulated with the press a button and you actually not as expensive as you would think they are you could find some for fifteen dollars or you could find some four hundred dollars but just really close to $15 one will just work done so for most part you will need any expensive scanner the more expensive they are the more features they have but those features are something you would probably never end up using so just buying the cheap obd scanner does able to read and the racecourse should be more than enough for any general use next up we have FM transmitter so if your car does not have a dedicated aux input you can use the FM transmitter and it's a cheap alternative the FM transmitter uses radio frequencies to send the music playing on your phone to your cart and depending on the brand new pic didn't burn your prices but they are pretty much work the same it's just as some might have additional features such as polluted or accelerate mode for input for a USB or SD card but if you like listening to music in your car and you don't have a dedicated aux input i would definitely recommend a translator for most part they're pretty inexpensive you can find them for on twenty dollars which will have a bluetooth capabilities external remote controller and the ability to plug in an external USB or SD card to play music from that next step of recommended dashcam now these days to becoming very common and pretty inexpensive for thirty dollars you can find a 170 degree wide angle lens which is probably the whitest less you can buy right now and is full HD and it was from your cigarette lighter so whenever the car is running it keeps recording what every season the front and I think it's a great way to protect your car as well in a case of an accident or even if your car is parked somewhere and most of the dashcam have a feature over if it detects the shake it will turn the camera on and it will automatically start recording even if your car is turned off so basically if the camera takes the shape even if it's turned off even if your car is turned off every automatically turn on i start record and if someone bumped into your car while it was part hopefully the dash cam will be able to record that most of the cameras have a building g sensor which are capable of detecting a crash and it will lock the footage so no matter what happens the footage won't get deleted except i recommend a cigarette lighter splitter now this is not something for everyone but if you use your cigarette lighters a lot and you only have one or two ports which are located very inconveniently you can use this cigarette lighter splitter and depending on the type you buy they will have a USB port so you can charge your phone and then we'll have about two to three additional cigarette lighters with a long enough wire so you're able to relocate your cigarette lighter to a better location except i recommend a copper you can find them for about 20-25 dollars and they're made universally so you should be able to use them for pretty much every court and if you know your car is going to be part for a few days you can put the cover on and it will protect it from any dust or even if your car is parked outside evaluator you could put a cover on and you're all good to go and last thing on our list for today would be a radar detector now this is something that completely depends on the driver and your driving habits you might want to have a radar detector you might not but if you're trying to get what you can get them for about thirty forty dollars and they're able to give you warning wherever there's a speed radar and it might be helpful in some situations you guys that will be all for today if you have more ideas put them down in the comments below if you like this video share with your friends if you haven't already subscribed please subscribe for more content as always thanks for watching.