Maxbell Portable Selfie 16 LED Flash Light UnboXing & Review! Small Tech under Rs 250 $3.68


Whtisup guy'z! In this short video letz checkout the MaxbellMini LED Flash Light which can be used in selfies & see if itz any good or not! Inside the small paper package you will findjust two things, the Maxbell Flashlight itself & a microUSB cable for charging the in-built200mAh battery.

On the packet itself there are some productdescription & instructions The white plastic is of a glossy finish & thequality is decent for its price.

With a weight of just 15gms, it will be easyto carry around in your pocket! On itz sides there is an On-Off switch, aMicroUSB port for charging & a brightness switch with high, mid & low settings.

The 3.

5mm pin is only for attaching it onyour mobile & for rotating and positioning the light but doesn't actually have any function! The 16 LED'z can get pretty bright at thehighest setting which will enable you to easily take photo's even in extreme low light conditions.

And as you are seeing, it can help a bit inVideo shooting specially for close up shots! You can also use it on its own just as a torch! So, if you are a selfie lover or like photographyin general, this small contraption with bright LED lights can be of good use to you in lowlightconditions provided you have a decent performing camera & it is like a big upgrade over yourpresent mobile flash! That'z it for now! Don't forget to hit the Like button, share& subscribe to stay updated on upcoming tech reviews! Also press the bell icon to turn on notifications! ThanX 4 watching, keep the Peace & catch uin my neXt 1!.