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what if you could control your dreams fly over the Grand Canyon visit a beautiful island or perhaps go back in time to the age of dinosaurs now you can meet I band plus the EEG brain sensing headband for inducing lucid dreams and improving sleep what is a lucid dream a lucid dream is any dream in which you become aware that you're dreaming without you actually waking up dreams occur almost always when you are in the rapid eye movement face also known as the REM phase of your sleep enroute phase your brain activity is different than the other phases of your sleep cycle ipad plus accurately senses this stream faced by monitoring variations in your brainwaves once I've been plus senses the street phase it plays audio visual cues these subtle external stimuli of like patterns via the leds on IBM plus and sound appears anomalies in your dream making your where that you're dreaming without them waking you up once you are loose it in a dream you can tell control of your dream actions and consciously we shape the dream to fulfill any fantasy your wildest desires unrestrained by the laws of physics for society lucid dreams are vivid and highly immersive once in lucid dream you enter a virtual world where everything you see here touch taste and smell is as authentic as reality lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically many psychologists and researchers have recognized that lucid dreams can help with artistic creativity problem-solving improving sports and language skills and can even help people prone to nightmares to get their fears under control sleep is also very important to restore energy reserves and strengthen the immune system even minimal sleep loss affects mood productivity ability to handle stress and even bodyweight iban plus tracks your sleep indicate sleep quality and gives feedback on improvement ipad Plus also has the most advanced smart alarm feature that which you up with simulated natural sunlight and sounds and the most optimum.

of sleep cycle so that you wake up fresh every time ipad plus had been communicates with I band plus app on your smartphone via bluetooth so you can conveniently check your sleep statistics and improvement suggestions you can even customize your IBM plus from this app to set the light patterns and the brightness as well as the audio cues developers can use our open platform to create amazing new experiences with future software updates I band plus could be connected to numerous smart devices in your home just simplify your daily life dreams and sleep a wider for optimal health and happiness so we started working on ipad plus with the goal to enable everyone to control their dreams and to enable everyone to gain insight into their sleep we went through several prototypes to realize the best I man + design we are really excited to take I've and plus from the prototyping stage to the support finished product we want to hear from you to know your ideas and improvement suggestions be the world's first 20 niban plus back how campaign and help us make I've and plus a reality thank you we were properly hydrated we feel better think better look better we just are better level is not just another fitness tracker it is the first and only wearable to measure your hydration letting you know precisely how much water you need to feel and perform your best level also measure your heart rate sleep quality calories activity and mood and can integrate all of that information to show you what kind of improvements you can see both in your sleep and during exercise almost all of us at some point during the day are dehydrated and those little gaps and staying up with your hydration needs have consequences you could lose concentration could have an effect on your move could affect your sleep when you first wake up in the morning your first thing should be to go grab a glass of water you'll find it maybe only as much coffee and you definitely will need too much food water will level set actually just how hungry you are so it prevents overheating by drinking more water you suddenly have more energy what do you have more energy for working out and when you're working out you have better endurance your joints in your muscles don't hurt as much and you don't feel as much pain the effect of that workout is continuing on throughout the day you're burning more calories now that you've done the work out studies have shown if you were hydrated throughout the day it's better for you sleep and you're going to be more rested so you have to see all of this as part of a whole what I like about level is it gives you the data and says this is how much you need to get balanced in life level was designed for twenty-four seven where I can learn your activity and hydration habits not only trending them but identifying patterns that are keeping you from your best most consumer wearable devices can only measure a fraction of the metrics that are important to us so we focused on research we turn to the world of medical devices where accuracy and precision are tightly monitored now we've developed a revolutionary red light technology that can look ten times deeper into the body measuring 10 times with any other sensor can all with industry-leading accuracy we're excited to return to Kickstarter with level our mission is to revolutionize wearable health and performance no matter if you live to train or trying to live we can't wait to see what you accomplished by measuring what really matters it's been our ongoing mission into a ball and I just predict the future but to make it we're doing that by bringing the world the most advanced virtual reality glasses the challenge first began three years ago when we saw that many BR products were being released but each product kept getting larger and heavier there were no companies focused on creating a lightweight PR product that allowed users to experience virtual reality anywhere without being tied down the computer desktops so the magic happens and connecting the v1 glasses to the d1 that's what allows the VR experience to become completely portable the d1 you have a full-size computer in your pocket it comes with 2gb of ram into touch screen that has summited sensory functionality that enables easy control of the glasses the v1 and d1 have taken years extensive development research leading all the way to our current product a single pair of lightweight modern vr glasses that give our users a complete vr immersion experience I go to a lot of 3d movies and usually straining deceive but with this this new panoramic view I think this is something i would like to invest it feels like you could just touch these things that are right in front of you what was your first experience the weight of the woman said they were so light i just completed a lot of the other ones to see quite quite heavy and that conversation these ones were just like I was wearing a pair of glasses so far we've received great feedback from folks all across the VR in tech world that had a chance to try the v1 and t1 and that's why we're here we've reached this point in our development and we're here on kickstarter to ask back or support to help us launch the v1 and t1 to the world please make a pledge and join our mission of bringing the v1 and d12 market let's reinvent the future and create a new world of VR together hey Kickstarter i'm jay i'm daniela four PEOPLE-POWERED CONNECTIVITY years ago we started go tend to solve the no service problem we set out to make it possible to use your phone even when you don't have cell reception or Wi-Fi after a lot of hard work we developed this device which is the first and only way to use your smartphone to send text messages and GPS locations to others over long distances even we don't have any service of any kind our award-winning product has been enjoyed by tens of thousands and used all over the planet while adventuring outdoors traveling abroad attending crowded events or even during an emergency over the last year we've been working on a next-generation product it lays the foundation for a kind of communications network that has never existed before and now we're finally ready to share what we've been working on and invite you to be a part of it has ever happened to you traveling with friends and vs card and everyone has a different adventure planned for the day meanwhile succumb amount to take pictures david and i want to find a river and enjoy the Sun and you you just want to find a ride height spot by someone you don't go to birthdays garden without trying to run heights but the problem is my phone has no service and purchase Scott and I still in all my friends do that's why this adventure we each brought a goat animesh once paired with your phone goat ms generates its own radio signal sequence sent texts and GPS locations using a simple act no towers routers or satellites required sent and received i can send a direct message dated a group chat to my friends are broadcast to any goten in the area go tenant has great point-to-point communication range but with this groundbreaking best networking technology is possible to double or triple your range for having to either go 10 ms units in the area you don't even need to know the other users or do anything its automatic and private so I'm able to receive a message from ming who's on top of the mountain because our friends and other goat ms users act as real life points between us imagine using the sound of music festival or on the slopes the possibilities are endless unlike traditional communication networks go to mesh actually get stronger the more users joining we call this people-powered connectivity one more to go please we're excited to launch goten amesh because it's the first mesh network of its kind 100-percent off-grid mobile long range and consumer-ready this kind of technology has never existed outside of the military and even then they've been big heavy systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars go to mesh however is tiny and affordable goten amesh is our first product available internationally and having completed industrial design and advanced prototyping earlier this year we are now busy testing and setting up manufacturing and distribution so people all over the world can use our technology to stay connected to each other during fun off great adventures as well as unplanned emergency situations it's worth noting that go tennis technology has already filled and trusted by public safety organizations during mission critical operations which means that you can count on it too in our headquarters in brooklyn new york we've assembled a small but scrappy team that includes some of the most talented engineers in the world we're all motivated by the mission of empowering people to create their own connectivity even when traditional communication networks are unavailable unreliable are unaffordable we've built goten amesh because we believe in a future where communication isn't just delivered by top-down infrastructure but also made possible from the bottom up by people like you we want you to be the first to experience the future of people powered connectivity it starts with enabling essential communication when you don't have service but it can be something much bigger we built revolutionary technology into go to mesh but in order to change the game we need you kickstarter we invite you to become a mesh founder with us so please support this campaign until everyone know about any mesh.