LATEST TECHNOLOGY2016 #2 | 5 gadgets you should see (OCTOBER)


the world around us is changing as we speak and with that change because of constant evolution capture devices go for allowed us to be present in this world recording her beauty of being there right in the action groans allows the beautiful steady aerial images from the sky we combine best of both worlds and created air and should take aerial videos and photos simply by throwing your GoPro this is how it works start recording or connect your GoPro too remote for smartphone app now simply snap the GoPro in slide the two links into each other and screw them onto the head you can start shooting we have taken air into the forest upon the mountains out of the water into the city and this is just the beginning whatever you would like to report with your GoPro air will be ready for it are you more into photos use burst mode and throw our straight up to take incredible aerial selfies we also make sure that Aris portable be with you on your adventures simply put air injured Oprah into the bag you're good to go hi guys my name is mark and I start out with a couple of friends almost a year ago what started out as a fun experiment together gropers in the air without use of a drone turn out to be an amazing experience on its own and the results they look more alive and dynamic than ever before the feeling you get when you free throw your girlfriend the area's one that we want to share with everyone and that's why we are bringing to you fast for the past year we sketch model then brother that we have the perfect design and now we are ready for mass production the manufacturing it is all done in the meadowlands and we are ready to go the minute reach our goal we are very curious to see what you're going to do with their step up your game and back us today this is ex parte a portable home theater system that gives you the power to unleash surround sound effect at the touch of your fingertips this comes to exercise device simplifies the complex equipment traditionally needed for a home theater system and gives you that same high-quality audio experience with just a pair of stereo speakers unlike conventional techniques that deal with two-dimensional sounds excellent is able to reconstruct a three-dimensional soundstage our usual listening experience with stereo speakers is to hear the sounds coming from the left and right channels in both is but with expan we process the overlapping audio signals that reach the is with an algorithm in real-time dynamically reconstructing the South stage for surround sound effect this enhances the depth and width of audio details for sound accuracy creating a sound field expansion of two hundred percent of the regular staria expand not any upgrade the cinematic entertainment brings the sounds of instruments human voices drumbeats and footsteps to your ears but also restores the directional source of sounds for an immersive experience the powerful audio algorithm runs every microsecond to detect analyze and reconstruct the sound source in real time for optimal presentation more details are unlocked and the average surround sound effect allowing the listed to experience the power of sound coming from all directions not to mention we've also developed a headphone mode for you to enjoy a live audio experience on the go you'll be able to hear music with rich details even from your phone yeah so what i thought was amazing was just with two speakers i can hear every single little detail it's almost like I was in a movie theater I definitely like something like this in my home yeah amazing this on stage already real surround sound sure it was really great I started off I heard an immediate difference as soon as I hit the button when i turned it off the sound disappeared it was not there anymore was not great it was perfect the scent like sitting in a movie theater aim was to redefine the sound experience no matter what the users are listening to a clip from youtube and spotify enjoying the movie with netflix or playing their favorite games the experience is upgraded by simply plugging any exponent we've spent years working on adjusting and optimizing our audio processing algorithm and we finally come up with the device that is designed to be convenient be portable and eliminate all the complicated settings of the sound processor to make the listening experience better for everyone drop the beat and experience sound like never before will respond your phone your music your ride they've never mix well until now meet the chorus link smart cycling helmet the ultimate audio platform with bone conduction technology to get you a wireless bloodless precision audio experience as you ride it's a helmet for cyclists who want to ride safely and enjoy the features of their smartphone music calls communication voice navigation ride data and more decorous links Helmet system includes the coro smart helmet smart remote and smart app all tied together to your smartphone kouros bone conduction technology channels precision audio to your inner ear this means your ears are open to your environment for a safer ride with a click of the coro smart remote play and pause music accept calls adjust your audio controls and more hey I'm all there we'll see in a couple minutes current be 23 miles per hour two miles to destination your hands stay where they're supposed to be on the bike turn right 228 straight lengths transforms your ride experience through the power of wireless bloodless precision audio connected to your smartphone app for lunch yeah that sounds good cycling is more enjoyable social and safe the Kouros app takes it one step further and lets you set routes track ride data share and compete all of this integrated in a performance helmet that is comfortable aerodynamic and cool hi I'm Chuck president of chorus our team has been working tirelessly to develop the best-in-class helmet that connects you to the rode your bike in your smartphone and we're ready to deliver units will be coming off the line soon with your investment you'll be helping us bring a helmet the market and make improvements to the app making the chorus links experience even better we hope you'll support us in the chorus links helmet see on the road is your drinking water safe recent studies have found water contamination is a much more serious issue than previously fought and governments around the world and failed.