– Kitchen gadget testing 13, you say? A number superstitious and unlucky for some,but not for you, my friends.

I've saved some awesome, fun, light-heartedkitchen gadgets to review.

Hey, folks, it's Barry, I'm one of your self-taughthosts here on My Virgin Kitchen inspiring you to get in the kitchen, laugh, learn, cook,and just enjoy the world of food.

And today is a fun day, it is a kitchen gadgettesting video.

You guys are loving these.

There's a playlist with a link up here anddown below if you've missed any of those.

It goes on for a long, long time, so do grabthe popcorn and just before we start, as always, just a reminder, some of these may help peoplewith disabilities, so please consider that before commenting.

But we do have one gadget, well there aremany that you've asked me to retest, there's one I'm gonna do today.

Let's have a look at it.

I was gonna retest this, which I am gonnagive away, by the way, make sure you follow me on social media, but I'm not.

It's 120 quid and for me, when you pay thatsort of money, it should work first time.

Other of you have been saying, "I've got it,"you just need to keep moving it.

" I'm not gonna do that, that's dangerous, okay? There are other methods available, but theone thing I will retest today is the easy butter foam, butter thing.

You know, that made that amazing grating thingwhen I moved it.

We're gonna do that and I did do it on coldbread, so we will get some red hot toast and try it on that and see if that works.

It might not work, I don't know, but it wasa cool thing and it made like a blonde Afro.


There it is, going down like a little butterelevator.

My toast has just popped but I'm gonna pushit down again to get it nice and warm and get our mousse out the end.

There we go, see that? Spider plate is optional, by the way.

Actually, the toast, generally toast, peopleasked me that in the last video, do I prefer my toast charred? I do, I always love it to the point whereit's burnt and obliterated, so we really want to get some heat in there to see if this willwork.

I really want it to work, I love this gadget.

I'm not actually being paid to say that, thisisn't a sponsored video and like I said, if that ever does happen, I will let you know.

Look at that.

All right, there we go.

Let's do it.

The toast is red hot.

We're gonna scrape off our mousse and lasttime, it congealed together.

Here we go, let's put it on there.


It's still congealing, look.

That is red hot toast.

It's spreading better than it was before,but look, okay.

Retest opinion, not bad, but ultimately, ifyou want to create buttery mousse and foam in your house, it's a winner either way.

It's good for a party trick.

And a couple of seconds later, there's nothinganyway.

I did actually make two slices of toast andI feel like I'm gonna leave the other one there just as a bit of an ornament for therest of this video.

Right, let's start with a bit of a funky one,and that's no pun intended.

This get down with the dishes, king of disco,washing up sponge.

That's basically it.

But if you look at it right there, have theynot just modeled that on Michael Jackson from the Jackson Five? That looks identical.

It does actually look quite foamy.

A little bit like a microphone head, but theyjust said, maybe it was a microphone, they're like, hey, we're not selling these microphones,let's brand it as a washing up sponge.

So I have a crummy plate that needs a bitmore mess.

Bitter sweet chili sauce on it, there we go.

All right, I never thought there'd ever bethe day where I get to show you guys our washing up bowl, but here it is.

There we go.

And that's actually got an Afro of itself,with the washing up in there.

So, let's get it out of its bag first.

♫ Do a little dance ♫ Some washing up♫ Get down tonight Come on, all right.

So, look at that.

I'm gonna let the kids keep that as a Barbiedoll after this video.

It's amazing, look at the angle of the Afroas well.

It ain't just going up, it's more like oneof them beef eaters that we have in London, in Buckingham Palace, isn't it? Although, he is smiling.

I wonder if the Afro is gonna grip the foam? Let's have a look.

We're giving him a white one.

Look, we've given him a wizard style Afro.

The festive version or something like that.

Okay, so let's get him wet.

Ooh, warm water, nice.

And the sponge has actually gone quite softon it.

I feel like this would actually make quitea funky, I keep saying funky, Christmas gift.

I really do.

So we've got a dirty knife here.

We'll just plunge it in the water.

Look at that.

Oh no, you do feel a bit bad, though, you'vegot crumbs in old Jacko's wig.

♫ You are not alone Love Michael Jackson,honestly.

People ask me my favorite type of music, loveMichael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, all upbeat stuff like that, you know? ♫ I got this feeling ♫ Inside my bowlRight, it has made it super, I mean it's done it a charm there, the knife.

But you are getting horrible crumbs in yourAfro, no one needs that.

But let's try it with the plate, obviously,a lot more stand outish.

Ah, yeah, look at this.

Oh, go to work on that.

♫ Ben, the two of us ♫ Can hurt no moreYeah, so it does, it works a charm.

Yes, can't see your face, mate, come on, revealyourself.

It would make quite a good Christmas gift,actually, if, no actually, don't get that.

Mum, I think you really like washing up soI got you this thing, 'cause you can still wash up.

No, I think pretty cool, but there are linksdown below if you want to get this or any of the other gadgets.

Just like all the videos.

So, yea.

So the other day on our Behind the Sceneschannel, The Barrys, which I've logged, I found a few gadgets myself.

A lot of these gadgets, I'm being sent.

I've still got, I've got about 70 still upstairs,but I had a little moment and I foraged and found some gadgets and this company, KitchenFun, seems to have quite a few, this one being a crinkle cutter.

It basically looks a little bit like an Afrocomb for your Michael Jackson washing up bowl thing.

But it just can give you a crinkle cut effectcarrots.

And for me, when I was a kid, I didn't likecarrots amazingly, but when they were crinkle cut, I wolfed those sons down.

We are really scraping the barrel for ingredientstoday, folks, but we have got some carrots.

It looks like a baby carrot.

It's like a little witch's finger.


Let's give it a wash.

Sharemore! Don't do that.

I do wash all my gadgets, as you guys know,but with Michael Jackson being there, it just had to be done.

So here we go, we're just gonna slice downlike so.

Wow, this is very, very sharp.

Check this out.

Can you see these crinkles like that? See that? Oh, my gosh, we need something bigger andI have half a courgette.

Just so you can see, it does look like somefence panel, actually.

That's the crinkle cut there.

And there's me courgette chunk thing and boom,boom, boom, boom, boom.

Wow, look at that! That's blooming awesome.

Just completely freaked out, 'cause oh no,one side was flat, but that was obviously the end of it.

Double sided crinkle cutness and you can stackit up like that.

Well, you can't, but amazing.

I once went to the Ben & Jerry's ice creamfactory in Vermont and got an electric shock trying to climb a fence to get a picture ofone of their actual cows that makes the ice cream.

I don't hold them for that because they domake amazing ice cream, Ben & Jerry's, which I sometimes refer to as Ken & Jenny's, butI sent Mrs.

Barry out the other day for a tub of ice cream, which to be honest, wheneverwe buy a tub of ice cream, we try to restrict that because they don't last very long, yes.

This one is One Sweet World, it sounds amazing,coffee caramel ice cream with swirls of marshmallow and salted caramel and chocolaty chunks.

Oh, my gosh.

Ben & Jerry's have blown open my whole mindsetof kitchen gadgets right now.

This is kind of a novelty thing as well, butit is just genius.

I'm actually gonna try it out on Mrs.


She's out at the park at the moment with thekids, so I'm working, I'm doing videos right now, I'm working hard and it's only fair thatI have some ice cream.

Oh wow,that's a good one.

Just a few spoonfuls taken out and I'm notthe only person that gets this, hopefully, but when you put something with just thatamount out of it in the freezer and you take it back out in a couple of days time, is itjust me or does it end up being 50% full even though you've only had two spoonfuls? Or is it someone taking a sneaky bite? But that is where this come in.

I can't see the top word there, somethingabout easier knowing your pint is safe.

So the pint of ice cream with the amazingBen & Jerry's Euphori-lock, the future of ice cream security now at your fingertips.

As seen in your dreams.

As seen in your dreams, Lizzie.

So this is great, this is amazing.

It's basically a padlock, right, for yourice cream tub.

I'm terribly sorry, but there is no "U" inmy pint, so good.

Ben & Jerry's, look, it actually has a keycodething.

This is brilliant.

Let's bring it down.

So you put this in the bottom bit like soand that lifts up and then you link the two together.


It's on! Twist them to lock, oh, it's locked! Look, okay, so now, that will twist because,yeah, that's loose there, but if I change the number.

I actually don't know how to set it.

I might lock it out myself.

2-B-8, 2-B-8, that makes sense, okay.

So I won't remember that, that doesn't makesense.

Look! It ain't coming out no matter what you do.

That's brilliant.

I'm gonna stick that in the freezer and thenwhen Mrs.

Barry gets back later today, or maybe tomorrow, we'll see what she thinks.

It does actually say 2-B-8 on the packaging.

It does tell you what your combination codeis so I need to hide that.

Kind of want some more ice cream now, butwe're gonna move on.

Now I've had this one in the box for ages.

This is by Good Grips who do some very goodutensils.

It's basically an avocado.

Tool thing.

Very impressive indeed.

So you can basically split the avocado, youcan take out the stone and then also slice it with this scoopy bit there.

So let me make it, wow, looks like a angrything.

I'm coming for you, avocados.

All right, so one, I presume, yes, it is ripe,you can tell because of the bum in the avocado, if you ever wanna know, I mentioned that ona previous video.

You get your bladey thing and you slice, wow,that is sharp.

You slice, they do look like dinosaur eggs,don't they? Or have you seen the film Cocoon? They look a bit like that, don't they? All right, you slice all the way around, okay? Avocado twist, boosh, reveal of the stone.

Now this is where you can normally get a knife,doom, like that.

In fact, this is quite sharp, it would probablydo that, but no, it has this clampy thing there, these three metal strands and we justpush it in, give it a little twist.

Hey, how's that? You like that? Amazing.

Just pops out.

And then it goes one step further, so youcan get your scoopy thing and go like that all along the base of your avocado, okay.

This is mushy fruit, it kind of worked.

Kind of worked.

Yes, it does work, the avocado's just a bitmushy.

On a separate note, this feels amazing onyour hands.

What happens to male vegetables if they accidentallystumble into the wrong sort of night club late at night? That's right, they stumble upon a corn stripper.

Get it? No, I think I've got about two or three differentversions of this upstairs in the gadget box, but today we're gonna look at this corn stripper.

This is a deluxe corn stripper, you know,the more higher clientele in the stripper variety.

And it does actually remind me, that diagramthere of the banana core thing that we had.

It's got a cylinder, a blade unit out of sleeveand a plunger.

Everyone needs a plunger.

The deluxe corn stripper makes quick workof removing kernels from the cob and best of all, when the kernels are stripped fromthe cob, they are contained inside the cylinder will eliminate away with kernels and cornjuice splatters.

Hmm, should we just give it a go? That does look remarkably like the bananathing, doesn't it? Let's give it a little Michael Jackson.

That might be my new term for washing up.

I'm just gonna do a little Michael Jackson,all right? It could be worse, you could use that phraseas going to the toilet or something.

Although I'm sure in cockney rhyming slang,they probably do use something like that anyway.

All right, mate, keep an eye on the cabin,I'm just going for a little cheeky Lady Gaga, all right? So we've got a shaft of corn there and alsoon this spiky rob thing, that looks a lot like a pineapple corer, another gadget thatwe've also reviewed on a previous video.

That's probably gonna hold the stem of thecorn, so the kernels should just shave off.

Just before I start this, a lot of you guyssay on the gadget videos, particularly, why are you called My Virgin Kitchen? It's because my other videos are primarilyrecipe videos, but I've used YouTube to learn how to cook.

So you might not like cooking right now butmy aim is to try and make you guys laugh with these videos, but actually learn to cook,okay? So you probably hate cooking or you mightnot be a fan of it, or some of you.

So maybe if you're feeling inspired, checkout some of my other videos and give a recipe a go.

They're really easy to do and really, reallygood fun.

Hello? So what we do is insert the corn into thiscylinder.

You see, right in the bottom there, thereis a sharp old blade there, so we do stick it in.

And these little grips at the bottom, theyhelp to grab it, they're like, I'll catch ya, don't worry.

Stick it in there.

So I feel like that has actually held it andthis is actually the outer sleeve for that blade unit.

That needs to go in there.

We then line up this metal bit with the middleof the core and then, oh wow, this is good.

Yeah, we use this yellow bit there, you seethose bits, so someone's cupping it from the bottom and someone's holding it from the top,it's basically doing that in that.

Our corn is like, hey, this is great.

With gentle, downward pressure, twist theblade to cut the kernels from the cob core.

I was thinking we're just gonna go boof, downlike that, but apparently, no, we twist.

So here we go.

Oh! I think it's working.

Well, about six pieces of corn have fallenoff so far.

Come on now.

What's going on? It is shaving it.

Oh, I'm twisting the wrong blooming bit.

You doughnut.

There's a lid bit at the top, there's a cap,and then there's this bit, like a flowery section.

I just twist that.

This looks wrong.

My window's open, my neighbors are probablywondering what the heck I'm doing.

Lift up the blade unit and remove from thecylinder.

Insert the plunger into the top of the bladeunit to push out the cob core.

Okay, lift that out.

Wow, look, the cob core is actually in thereand here we go.

That looked way wrong.

Oh, Barry, Barry, Barry, you have so muchfun on your own, don't you, ay? You're just here on your own with two pugs.

That's completely shorn it.

That is perfect.

Sorry to anyone called Sean out there, shavedit, all right? Very nice, almost like a carpet effect.

And then we can take this out.

I know it sounds corny, but this is a greatgadget.

Seriously, that is actually really, reallycool.

And I guess you can either use it straightaway or you could just bag it up and put it in the freezer.


On that shopping trip, I also saw this kitchengadget by Kuhn Rikon, Swiss Design.

I think it's a can opener, but I was justobsessed.

With that.

I just like the ratchet effect.

Ratchet safety lid lifter.

Now when I saw it in the shop, that was basicallywhat I thought it was, I thought it was just a tool for going and then lifting a lid, whichfor some people could be beneficial.

But it's not, it's more than that.

So I've got two tins here, one without a ringpull and one with a ring pull because I think we can do something with that as well.

The scissor were to help me, they're not needed.

Swing lever to the left and place the lidlifter on top of can.

Awesome, okay.

And then we just go down.

Swing lever back to center so lid lifter gripsthe can.

Oh, yes, look, we are not lifting the can.

This is what I thought I was gonna get fromthis.

Move the ratchet handle back and forth andthe opener will begin to cut.

After a full circle, you will feel less resistance,stop, stop, the can is open.

Here we go.

Ooh, that's quite tough.

But it is fun.

That is really tough, to be fair.

I think some people, like elderly people forexample, I know some people watch these videos for elderly relatives, no.

Grandma Jo is gonna struggle with that.

Okay, it does say you'll start to feel lessresistance, that's because I've gone full circle.

It's a lot better now, but those initial onesOpen the handles to release.

Okay, is that it.

Use mini pliers to lift the lid cleanly andeasily.

There's some mini pliers on there, apparently,somewhere.

Ah, okay, right.

So here, when you close it, can you see there'ssome metal prongs right there.

When I open it it's kind of like a mouth.

Ooh, just got an email.

I get quite a lot of emails, quite a busyperson.

Right, here we go.

Ahh, uhh.

Look! That's amazing.

Now what do I do with it? Oh, yeah, I guess it's kind of done its job.

It's not gonna cook the dinner for you, isit? So we can just go.

It has actually got an option for doing acan with a ring pull, just with this hook thing on the end, see that? Apparently we just slide it under like thatand then we go.


But then you've still gotta open it, unlessthis works on it.

I should have quit while I was ahead.

I think you just take the ring and pull itoff and then go around it, but really good with cans without lids, just a little butch.

Last gadget for today, this one I love becauseit looks so basic.

I was sent it and I was trying to work outwhat the heck it was for, kind of like that tap thing that illuminates.

By the way, one of you suggested using a hosepipe for that.

I will do that very soon, okay, 'cause I can'tfind the tap.

But these things, okay, I was sent it thinking,hmm, they could be earrings or something, but these are sausage cutters.

Spiral, manual, fancy hot dog cutter, slicerkitchen gadget.

Cyclone makes slicing wieners more fun thanever before.

This clever tool slices any wiener into aperfect spiral allowing for speedier, more even cooking.

This leads to deliciously crispy bites andbetter hold for topping.

So basically, a fancy sausage cutter.

We're gonna spiralize our wieners.

All right, lads? Nice.

You guys want some wieners? Huh? Wieners.

All right, so I've just Michael Jackson'dup my wiener cutters.

The potential for innuendos in this one rightnow is very strong.

I'm gonna avoid all ones, okay? But I'll let you do the thinking.

So I wanna show you with these things, they'rereally rigid, they are not gonna bend at all, so I've just had a little try off camera withtrying to put it through this and look it fits through.

Look, you could play some sort of spirallygame with it, but if I try and grip it to try and make it grab the sausage, it won'tdo it at all.

So it has to be this red one here.

So we'll wedge it in, we'll twist the sausage.

It's just destroying my sausage, isn't it? Look at that.

It's just castrated it.

This is awful, this is really bad.

So now I've got a flat end, maybe that willhelp.

Ooh, that is actually helping.

It's working.

It's actually working.

Let's get this out of the way.

Can you see? Now it's just giving up.

But I feel like we should quit while we'reahead.

At least we've got some sausage that we cantry and cook, let's do it.

Hey! Try that, oh yeah.

You like your wiener now, ain't ya? While it cooks I'm just trying it with anotherone.

I know some of you guys are gonna be like,"You should have used it on this type of sausage, man.

" So maybe I will retest this but, hey, it'scooking.

All right, so our half wiener is nice andcooked.

I'm loving the charred edges on that.

Ooph, so good.

So apparently, it's supposed to be good forholding the sauce more when it's like that.

I guess 'cause it fills down the, fills? Yeah, it falls in the crevices.

Well, it's kind of still spirally.

Nice, though.

So I say all in all, this one is a bit ofa shame.

If you're the manufacturer of this, just makeit a little bit more bendy, 'cause then you can grip and adjust to all the different sizedsausages that are out there.

They've got the red and the yellow.

Wasn't quite the right fit for this one.

Really bad acting sequence starts now.

Hey, Becky.

– Hey, Barry.

– You know that ice cream you bought me theother day? – Can I have some? – Yeah, I mean, it's only half eleven in themorning, but you're looking like you could have some ice cream.

– Thanks.

– Go on and get it in the freezer.

– Okay, I'll go to the freezer.

Where is it? – Top shelf.

Go on and tell her where it is.

On the top shelf.

– What is that? I want some ice cream.

Oh, my gosh, there's an, I didn't realizeit was like this.

There's an actual lock code on there.

– Yeah.

– Can you remember what the code is? – Yes, because I have it on video.

I can rewind it back and have a look.

But good luck.

I'll leave you with that.

– What is the code? I want some ice cream.

– I think it's that.

Try that.


No, no, you just, oh, there we go.

– I'm in.

It's mine.

– There we go.

I bet it'll be 50% at high day, like I talkedit earlier.

Ah, you little monkey, get off.

That's it, then, folks.

Really hope you enjoyed this Kitchen Gadgetvideo.

There's a playlist, as I say, with loads moreon the– – Think that I'll sit here.

– Check it out.

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Let me know, down below, any cool gadgetsyou've seen.

If you want to send us some, get in touch,but that's it, it's good, isn't it? – Wow.

– Mmm, see you next time.

– Don't put a code back on it.

– I'll just have a little.