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Awesome Innovations – Best Smartphone Gadgets my name is need and I'm a travel bloggerwhen I travel I like to keep things light use my iphone to capture momentsand this is the last thing I want to see with videos music applications and gamesthings add up quickly unfortunately storage costs money that'snot all i have to sort out the contents use itunes Rebecca sit for hours andhope it doesn't stop iodine is a simple solution that addsextra storage to my phone magnetically snap it on the back of thecase and twist 15 degrees lock it awesome Smartphone Gadget let's see what I can do with Idie for the whole day ten am Times Square is full of excitement look at all these mascots and touriststaking pictures everyone is taking pictures it feels like a competition 2pm got inthe taxi seven traffic came to Bryant Park took pictures more pictures morepictures and even more pictures no need to delete the transfer just yet5pm came to subway station listen to a live gym but there's noreception on the subway not my problem.

Thanks to this awesome innovation i have all my music andIda 7pm went to a famous restaurant five stars for the good food to peoplemore pictures interview with an owner where'd you go with that wow what thehell is this where did you get these I'd I'm is readyfor mass production and started pre sales on Kickstarter 9pm came back to the hotel room time tocheck out what I got today transferred all my footage from my laptop with ID onus beholder file transfers easier invest simply drag and drop files in and out ofI yes it's that easy This Smartphone Gadget also comes with the Lightning holderwhich I can stick to the bottom of my phone I totally forgot about my girlfriend gotto go this is my girlfriend Sarah what did you do today so do more with this amazing innovation.

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