Best Tech at VIDCON 2016 – Amazing Cameras, Toys and Gadgets!


– Today, the best of VidCon 2016.

All the tech, all the gadgets.

(screams) VidCon, yeah.

(screams) Yeah.

(dramatic instrumental music) Hi, I'm the Deal Guy, Matt Granite and although I'm fairly new to YouTube, this is my first VidCon ever.

I'm pumped, I'm psyched,and yes while VidCon is known as an amazing space for creators and those involved in production and those that like watching videos like the amazing subscriberswatching right now.

For me, people who hunt down huge deals everyday, this is also a tech mecca.

So come on in with me.

I'm gonna show you around, also show you some upcoming deals on thehottest tech on the VidCon front.

To produce broadcast-quality video, we used to have to spendthousands of dollars.

Now, you can do it all froman iPod Touch or tablet with switchers and software options well under 300 bucks changing the scope for people like me.

And on the software front, say goodbye to owning your software.

Monthly fees, similar toa Pandora subscription are gonna power all of thesoftware we use moving forward.

Amped up car audio also a huge focus this year with pricesdropping by up to 30 percent within the next six weeks.

Now before we get tomy American Ninja test and huge success.

I trained and did everythingI could because why not? This was the set-up at VidCon, and I knew I had to be my athletic best.

(upbeat pop music) Here we go.

All right, all right.

(laughing) One more time.

All right, ready in one, two, three.

(screams) Here I go.

Watch me up I go, yes.

Yes, almost, almost, aww, no.

Almost, almost, aww, no.

And with a little bitof help from my friend, I almost, and there we go.

And a huge thanks to the amazing Natalie Duran from American Ninja Warrior.

Awesome person to spend the day with.

At price points under 200 dollars, you're gonna be able to livestream from a camera that is tiny with a built-in microphone and all ofthese crazy accessories whether you're a creatoror you wanna capture something for a familygathering or a graduation.

Wireless printing a huge focus this year with printer price dropsdown by 30 or 40 bucks but Canon camera bundles are dropping.

So this screen pivots like this.

Unlike your typical screen on the DSLR's which just flip like this.

Major changes scenery on the gaming front, less of a focus on thescreen and more of a focus on interactivity and games that can combine additional players.

Hasbro seems to have thebiggest presents this year, and I will tell you that virtual reality is still stealing the show with deals on VR headsets.

With such a focus on smart home security, again, something that reallycaught our eye this year.

For those of you that wannago beyond your typical wireless camera and integrate some more smart features, Caught ByCanary, a setup that had my attention, and something I'll be testing in the coming weeks.

I did see some knockoffsof the Adventure Caddy and other tripod mounts and products.

Some inferior to what I actually tested with intern Nami a fewweeks ago, this was a major focus of course this year.

Beats and Bo's still inthe mix with upcoming price drops on both products, and a return to nostalgia with instantfilm Polaroid-like cameras from Fuji seeing reductions,handheld video cameras, part of the mix.

But the show-stealer in my opinion, these 360 degree cameras from Kodak, which we'll see pricedrops this holiday season.

Oh, and look who I found, TV Chef Binks.

What are you here for? – I'm here for the show, man.

I'm having a great time.

How about you, buddy? – [Matt] Why are youonly at the food stand? – Because M&M's andcupcakes, what else is there? – Smart TV's home integration and YouTube as prominently featured as all of your other TV channels,just a click away with price drops also on the way.

Touch screen laptops and hybrid desktops all on their way in terms of price drops for the back-to-schoolseason, and Best Buy had a surprisinglywell-pronounced appearance this year, which only mean big things for the holiday quarter.

So there you have it.

Those were the highlights from VidCon 2016 for me from the tech and gadget front, but there are so many other huge deals.

A lot of surprises.

And for those of youthat like saving money and for those of you that like tech, I'm gonna hook you up in a huge way.

If you're not yet subscribed,click that subscribe button you see on your screen right now, somewhere over here, andI will be sure to hook you up with huge dailydeals, more insider access and huge savings.

Thank you so much for watching.

I love you.

– Hi guys, it's intern Nami,I've completely taken over Matt's entire desk and jobdespite all the junk everywhere.

I will be back in a couple days.