6 Potato Gadgets put to the Test

6 Potato Gadgets
6 Potato Gadgets

Whats up everybody welcome back to my laboratory or more like my kitchen, where safety is still number 1 priority and today we're going to put to the test potato gadgets, let's check this out for the first gadget lets see what it is It's a potato peeler I think Let's pull this out Woah look at this How does this work? Oh looks like I have to do all the installation myself.

Let's take it apart Boom, Nice look at that This is how it's gonna peel it And looks like this are the legs I think this goes in this way And this is gonna go like this I think Yep, there's a little slat right there Boom, and it closes like that It says you must use 1 and 2 thirds cup of water to peel potatoes or carrots I guess I've gotta pour it this way Let's put some potatoes in This is 1,2,3,4,5,6 potatoes I think that's kinda full now Let's not overload it Oh my gosh Did it just speed up? This is so crazy Ok It's only been a minute let's see what our potatoes looks like WOW this is insane all I have to do is just rinse it off But you know what for the majority look at that It peeled it all the way, most of those potatoes, this one is all the way this one peeled all the way this one peeled all the way, this is insane Just this one has a little bit But this is cool, you can peel like bunch of potatoes at once Look how well these potatoes have been peeled This is amazing I Love this potato peeler For the next potato gadget, this is a chips maker Let's open it up Oh nice Ok, that's really cool So first of all, looks like we supposed to put this together I would be really careful, this blade is gonna be very sharp Not the best blade ever And it's kinda dangerous, it's not the most comfortable thing ever either Let's see if I can get the hang of it But it cut's the potatoes really, really tiny You Know what, maybe I 'm gonna be better off using my own slicer Just put it on one and let's see if it's gonna be much easier and safer Boom! look at that.

you know what, this is would be much easier This one I do not like, I would rather get my own But I do like this little separator to hold all the slices I cannot wait to try homemade potato chips 4-5 minutes.

So we're gonna microwave it, and I'll come back and show it to you, what's gonna happen Ok, guys it's been 4 and a half minutes Oh my goodness, it looks like it burned a little bit Mmm, they're so good Warm, Maybe four minutes will be enough Mmm but this is so good If you put salt on them and maybe olive oil it will taste so good But, I can't believe it actually worked so well This probably would be fun to do with kids You know what, On the second thought I only round it for 4 and a half minutes and look, it melted Oh that's not good Here is another potato chips gadget, hopefully this one will be even better Boom Oh, wow! look What is that Nice, much better cutter Much, much better cutter And now lets slice it up This is much safer Than the other one Wow! really good and easy Now we're gonna to grab all that potato And lay it like this This feels like silicone Next you probably wanna drizzle it, very little bit with olive oil, or.

maybe put some salt,or pepper, whatever you like on your chips And boom! look, this is supposed to be potato chips now Wow! You've gotta wait thirty seconds until they cool off and harden But whoa! look at that Woah This is awesome Okay, time to put it to the taste Mmm.

Wow Healthy potato chips, taste so good You can put anything you want on it Salt, vinegar, pepper Huge thumbs up from me for this gadget I'm gonna make chips all the time like this And this is a mashed potato masher I forgot to record, I already did two of them This thing is amazing Let's throw one in, and let's squeeze it Wow look at that That is so satisfying I can't believe how cool this is You know what, from now on, I'm gonna make mashed potatoes all the time, this is so easy Let's try another one Whoa! So quick and it's really mashed up really well, let's try to put a big one in Wow! and it feels really doable to Wow! look how much mashed potatoes I've already did This is so cool.

I love it Now I just need to put it in the dish washer and it's good to go Check this out That looks so cool And let's mash them Whoa! that's so quick That's so awesome, let's look at it close up Look how many potatoes This is the best mashed potato maker This is so awesome This is so cool, you know, growing up, I used to make mashed potatoes and I would have to make it by hand This makes it so much easier and fluffier All I have to do is add a little bit of milk and it's gonna taste amazing WOW Honestly, it's never been easier to make mashed potatoes Let's see, now I can take off this part and put it in the dish washer This is so cool This is a baked potato gadget What it is, it just a pocket over here Now let's grab a giant potato and stuff it in there Boom! And then all you have to do is microwave it Let's see how long we have to microwave it for Ok it says 4 minutes, cook for 4 minutes Let's see what happens in 4 minutes Alright here's our potato Whoa! this is really hot Ooh hot potato Whoa! No way it's already baked in all the way in, looks like Woo And you know what, ahh that's so hot You know what, if it's not baked all the way, just run it for 5 minutes or so But as you can see, it's pretty soft Whoa! that's so good Also they advertised that you can just throw it in the washing machine And wash it and use it again.