5 Gadgets That Will Give You REAL Superpowers


Ever since we were kids, we always dreamedof having super powers…But humans don’t have super powers.

Why does superman get to have all the funand fly? How does Jesus get to walk on water? Why do I always think of turtle doves whenthe Phantom sings Music of the Night in G Flat? But let me tell you that technology has nowcaught up to the future so that some super powers are now made possible with the helpof some very obtainable gadgets.

Do you want to shoot fire balls like Goku? Climb Walls like spidey? Stab people to death like wolverine?… Okay, maybe that’s not really a super ability… I would say that’s just.

straight up murder… Here are 5 Gadgets that can give you reallife super powers! (marvel opening logo) The power of Fireballs! (FIREBALLS) PYRO FIRE SHOOTER Revenge isn’t always a dish best servedcold (Arnold as Mr.

Freeze grunting or saying something cheesy)… Sometimes some bitches just deserve a flamingfireball to the chest….

A magic supply company called the Ellustionistshave created a wrist band called the Pyro Fire Shooter that can bring your wildest fireball shooting fantasies to life.

The device straps to your wrist and can carryup to 4 loads of fireballs, which is amazing considering how usually ONE fireball is morethan enough fireball to get your point across.

The secret to the device is that the barrelscan be loaded with “Flash Paper”, which is a specially treated tissue that burns extremelyquickly.

Flash Paper is most commonly used by magicianslike David Copperfield to seduce older women.

Apparently, fire is a real potent aphrodisiacto the elderly.

You can pack more or less of the tissue insidethe barrels depending on how big of an effect you want.

Use your powers wisely people, and be gentleon the cougars.

The Power of… ROBOT! (MECH SUIT) KURATAS Human-Ride Robot What does Iron man, the Mighty Morphin PowerRangers, and Gundam Wing all have in common? They all have giant robot mech suits thathave costed their cities millions of dollars in collateral damage… and YOU can TOO asyou rampage down your neighborhood in your very own Kuratas Mech Suit that is availableto the public on Amazon Japan for 1.

3 Million dollars.

So 1.

3 million dollars worth of Robot Suitis a 4 ton 4 meter tall robot that has 30 hydraulic weaponized limbs that glides upto 7 miles per hour controlled manually or even by a phone app.

It is equipped with 2 Gatling cannons thatfire up to SIX thousand BBs per minute, a LOHAS launcher that launches water bottlesor fireworks, and a powered humanoid hand called the “iron crow”.

I… i’m sorry if it sounds like I’m talkingwith a massive… throbbing erection… huuuh….

it’s because I am….

Let’s continue… along with a state ofthe art targeting system inside the bot will hit nothing but net as you put the fear ofGod into any hooligan kid that decides to egg your house or ring your door bell.

The power of… The PREDATOR(PREDATOR) SEEK- IPHONE ATTACHMENT What makes Predators have such an advantageover us? Their advanced alien weaponry? Their bullet proof armour? Their ability to disguise themselves as childrenon internet chatrooms? No… It’s their ability to see our body heatas we fumble around aimlessly in the woods just waiting for our heads to be cut of andadmired as trophies on their weird wall of skulls.

We can now harness that very same power onour very own phones with “SEEK”, a $300 dollar iphone attachment that allows us todetect heat signatures up to 2000 feet away.

For more practical reasons, SEEK allows youto scan your campsite at night for any dangerous animals or have a huge advantage when theFBI stumbles into your lair looking for the missing people you’ve already eaten alive.

(silence of the lambs clip) The Power of….

Spiderman… WALL CRAWLING (UTAH STATE) Sometimes the elevator in your building isdown for maintenance, and sometimes you just need a better vantage point as you leer intoyour neighbors privacy.

UTAH State University has developed a PVACor Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber for a contest held by the AirForce.

They took home first place as their systemcan take you up, at the very least, a 90 foot wall of multiple textures.

It’s essentially a very powerful vacuumthat sucks onto the the walls through these giant flat pads.

There is a pressure release handle that allowsyou to detach and re-attach to climb.

The students of utah compare the devices abilitytowards that of spiderman, but ironically, it does look more like something his nemisisDr.

Octopus would wear….

or a school custodian.

The Power of….

Lebron … KANGOO JUMP BOOTS We’re not even asking to jump over tallbuildings… Most people would even settle for the puregift of being able to rise up and crush a basketball onto someones head like LebronJames….

But not everyone is born with the gift ofbeing 6 foot 8, heavily built, and… umm….

very uh… tan….

(white men can’t jump clip)… These are the Kangoo jump boots, for thosewho can’t jump very high and aren’t very… tanned… These high top supportive boots are designedwith a spring system to absorb impact and propel you high in the air.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that withthese babies, people will be finding some pretty KICK ASS ways to take flight to a whole‘nother level… (clip of aerobics) Uhh… Say what now? “Oh… oooh no….

What’s happening? This isn’t what I meant….

Stop it… Just… Stop it….

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