‘Office Christmas Party’ Movie Review


If you’re planning on watching Office ChristmasParty, hoping that it’ll be just like one of the Hangover movies, then prepared to bedisappointed as it unexpectedly fails in the genre of comedy.

Office Christmas Party starts off with everyonein Zenotek, an IT company, preparing for their holiday leave and for the holiday mixer, butjust when the party is on its way, Zenotek’s interim CEO Carol Vanstone decides to cancelit and plans on shutting down the Chicago branch due to poor quarterly sales.

In order to save the company and everyone’sjobs, the Chicago branch manager Clay Vanstone decides to throw a party anyway to impressa client named Walter Davis who could boost Zenotek’s profits.

At first, nothing exciting happens becauseall of the characters are afraid of satisfying their hidden and deprived pleasures.

That goes on for a long time, even when WalterDavis or Courtney B.

Vance, shows up for the festivities and is quickly frightened by someof the inappropriate behavior and talk.

All seems lost, including the audience’sattention, until Davis accidentally and without knowing gets a big whiff of cocaine and that’swhen the party really starts to begin.

Things get out of hand as boring adults getdrunk and high and start vandalizing company property.

Despite all the craziness, the film quicklymoves away from the office party just when it’s becoming fun and focuses more on theromantic and family relationships of the co-workers.

For example, much lame time is spent on JasonBateman and Olivia Munn acting as tech geniuses trying to figure each other out and find outif there’s even a love connection.

All the romance is very complicated as peoplemove from possible suitor to another like when Randall Park and Vanessa Bayer portraytwo employees` almost about to fall in love until one of them reveals to the other havingmommy issues.

As directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck attemptto make the plot a little serious and relatable, they unintentionally make the film less funto watch.

Some of comedy’s biggest stars like KateMcKinnon and Rob Corddry try their best to make viewers laugh with their one-liners,gags and witty performances but even they can’t save the film.

It’s bad enough that the film is not asfunny as it should be, but it’s even worse when the climax and the miracle of the storyrevolves around tech experts rebooting the internet after a black out and everyone havingcellular reception.

It’s not a terrible film, but it could havebeen way better.

Now its time for a trivia question.

What inspired the film’s title Office ChristmasParty? The answer is a Saturday Night Live skit called"Office Christmas Party” Based on a scale of one to five, Office Christmas Party gets3 stars.

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