What's up everybody welcome to my house I just got delivered the brand-new Lisa mattress right to my front door what makes us great is I didn't have to go in a bunch of stores talk to salespeople who just wanted to make a sale i found a perfect bed right here online and what makes it perfect is if i don't like it i get to return it within a hundred days that's awesome so I'm excited to try it out they say on their website that they claim it's the mattress for most people well I'm hoping I'm one of the most people we're going to check it out if it doesn't work i can return it so here we go this is an unboxing and an honest review for you in case you're checking out the Lisa mattress let's go inside so I just brought the mattress inside the house this is my dirty bedroom I'm sorry about the mess but this is how it comes you take it out of the box and you get this long tube it's decompressed and believe it or not this is a queen size mattress I've been sleeping on a purple mattress as you can see so this is elisa on top of a purple mattress and I thought it was this is good bad but I thought I want to try a little bit of change i looked up online and realized that the lease is the number one top rated bed in the United States so I thought what's the point what's the point of guessing let's bring the bed to my house and let's test it so i'm going to give you an honest review a little bit we're going to unravel it i'll do a nights worth of sleeping and i'll let you know what I think of it let's go ok i just got it out of the plastic wrap and onto the purple mattress i want you to see the difference in size especially the leg the Lisa bed is a little bit longer than the purple mattress notice here at the foot of the bed here they're both 10 inches wide but the Lisa goes over almost a half of a hand length longer so that's kind of cool I feel like it's a true queen size bed a little bit longer than purple I haven't even slept on and move down let Nick fill up with air as you can see this is a nice woven fabric it's really good for cooling it's thick and that's really nice just gotta for stripe design these stripes don't do anything to breathable cover what I like about this is you can actually unzip the cover take it off and wash it so you don't need to have one of those you know sheets that you cover for sweating or anything i doubt you can always wash this this is a great warranty on it I think it's ten years which is wonderful so if you're worried about your mattress dipping over a couple years you don't worry about that you can contact lisa no replace it so I'm gonna try I'm gonna line up for the first time give you my honest review you guys ready excited this is my favorite part I've never lied on this bed before and here we go I'm going to do this whoa-ah are it's so soft it's a lot softer than I thought it's definitely a lot softer than the purple bed so people that complain about the purple bed being too firm this is amazing the response when you move over from side to side it's really good some some foam beds the problem is you move over it takes like an hour for the mattress to adapt to you this immediately support your body and when you move it moves right there with you let's try that besides besides dip a little bit that might be because i'm not on a box spring but this feels really good initially right now I it's 10 inches of all foam there's a novena layer which is nice for breathability on top but again i'm gonna try it out tonight and give you guys an honest review good morning everybody I gotta say this mattress is amazing it's only a hundred fifteen bucks and it gave me an amazing rest so you have to check out Lisa added to your list i got my water bottle here and look at this I set it up here and then I move around like this moving around moving around doesn't even affect the water bottle that means for all of you that are married or have a partner you don't need to worry if you go into bed late you're not gonna wake him up it's very very supportive and i gotta say man Lisa they did an amazing job I just contacted them i told him i was going to do a review video with the mattress guide and they gave me a special code for everybody that watches this video and makes a purchase through this link so you're going to get the best discount thanks to Lisa just click on this link or the link in my description and enjoy the discount and i gotta say you gotta check this out I've been sleeping on purple for a really really long time this bed is more comfortable than the purple mattress it's made of a different material i realized that it's a foam mattress but you definitely have to add this to your shopping list with an awesome christmas present thanksgiving whatever the holiday season is birthday it arrives right to the person store makes for an excellent gift it supports the back I'm very very excited to review this mattress so I care a lot about the products are review i would not make a good review unless it's something that I sincerely think is legit this mattress is legit it's an awesome full mattress for a great price so definitely check it out and yeah so this is my review of the Lisa mattress i give it two thumbs up.