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– Hi, I'm Paris, and you may have noticed, the passed few days I've been doing Projection LED Christmas Light reviews to see how they look on the house.

I went the LED route,rather than the laser route, because I was worriedabout a couple things.

One is, walking out thedoor, or people walking by, and getting littlelaser dots in your eyes.

Also, I had hear last Christmasabout some of the laser decorations that the laser lights actually made it several thousand feet up in the air and could botherpilots flying planes in.

So for those reasons, Ididn't try out a laser decoration for the house, but there's a company that said, "Hey, our laser doesn'tdo those kinds of things, "you don't have to worry, "so we're gonna send you one to try out!" And 1byone kindly sent meout this Garden Laser Light to try decorating the housefor Christmas this year.

♫ Epic Review Guys – I am excited to have a chance to try one of these laserChristmas decoration lights out.

This one goes for about 55 dollars, and there's a link to itdown below this video.

This one also comeswith a remote controls.

Now what I read, that convinced me I don't have to worry quite as muchabout the fact that it's a laser and worrying about people's eyes, is inside of this there'sa de-fraction grating.

It's basically like a piece of glass with, I think, lot's of like little cuts in it.

Anyway, it takes the lightand sort of breaks it up, and bends it, so that whenthe light passes through that, it's no longer a sharp, tiny,little laser point anymore.

It sort of expands the light out, and the further the lightgets from this device, the wider it gets, so by thetime it would be a thousand feet up in the air, it's, Idon't know, five feet across, or something, each dot, with very, very little power behind it, so it doesn't have theissues of a decoration that uses a laser that's unmodified, that stays a laser beam all the way out, and you can shoot it up and bounce it off of a little mirrored thingthat's up on the moon.

Though I have to admit, since learning thatthere is a mirrored thing up on the moon left bythe Apollo Astronauts, that they still use for, I don't know, seeing the distance to themoon at any given moment, and so forth, and you canbounce a laser off it, and it will come back, I'vealways wanted to try that.

But, not tonight.

In the box are pretty useful instructions.

The stake that you putin and attach to this, so it goes into your yard.

And I was surprised whenI set this on the table.

(metal clink) It's aluminum, it's notjust a cheapo plastic one.

Also, this, the frame of the light itself, (metal clank) is also aluminum, very nice.

So very sturdy, there's those lasers, maybe that's the de-fraction grating with the little lines on it, I'm not sure.

A very long, I think it's11 1/2 foot long cord.

I'll still need to run an extension cord, but it is nice that they understand this is gonna be sittingfar from your house, perhaps, and so theydo give you a long cord to get you started.

And, cool here, remotecontrol with all kinds of buttons, I can'tquite tell they all do, but I'm gonna be trying them out.

I just plugged it in to have a look, and maybe you can't seecause it's all here.

So many! Red and green lights.

Yeah! Yeah, and I see how these are much wider than you would get if it was a laser beam that was unmodified.

It would stay tiny, pinpoint size.

Yeah, definitely gets biggeras I move away from it, so I guess that's that feature of the distraction grating.

They do tell you, don't look at it directly, don't point it in your eyes.

But the incidental walking passed it and getting a couple of the little dots on your eyes shouldn'tdo anything serious.

Pointing it at you now, I can actually see when the little dots get on the lens.

So you see the little flash.

That would be what you would see when you're walking by, if it were to get in your eye.

And, again, the further distance you are, the less bright that should be.

Roxanna and I are goingto test this out, however.

– [Paris Off Camera] This isnow the view out my front door! Onto the porch! Even up on the ceiling.

Here we go, into the yard.

There is a lamp, and you may get an occasional burst ofgreen or red in your eye.

Oh, there was one right there.

Now there is no motion mode, you can set it to blink tobe only green, only red.

But I have both of them turned on and, just to stay on right now.

So those little flashes you see are what I'm seeing in my eyes,as well, walking out here.

Grass looks interesting.

Almost looks like it's got some kind of a tinsel, sort of like ared and green tinsel.

Don't you think, Roxanna? – [Roxanna Off Camera] Yep, for sure.

It looks like dew in the grass.

– [Paris Off Camera] Andhere's the front of the house.

It's nice, even up in the trees.

– [Roxanne Off Camera]And look at the snowman! – [Paris Off Camera] Yeah,the snowman's got it goin' on.

Yep, even on the trees we've got dots, but, now see the dots go up to the trees, they go to the house, so that means some of themare overshooting the house and going up into the sky, and that's one of our concerns, as well.

And over to this side, the lights on the trees indicate some must be shooting passed those trees and maybe going across thestreet to the neighbor's house.

So let's see what it lookslike from over there.

How bothered someone wouldbe walking up the sidewalk, along the house, when they come into view.

Now for a light.

Now I've brought out a piece of paper.

I'm about 20 feet awayfrom the light right now.

And this is the size of the dots, so this is about where the tree is, and I'm gonna go passed it and see if the dots do get larger.

I am now about 50 feet from the light, and you can see that thedots are getting much larger.

Which means they're not as bright, but they do cover a wider area, so you're almost more likelyto have it hit your eyeball, but it won't be as bright when it does.

Let's see if we can go across the street, where some of the dotsmight be bothering someone, and see about over there.

I'm a hundred, hundred and 20feet away from the light now.

Get an idea of how far away I am, and I'm gonna try to catchone of the beams from it.

Roxanna was able to finda dot from way over here.

As you can see a green dot now, much larger, but alsoI'm not nearly as bright.

Okay, this is actuallythe view of the porch.

And Roxanna, move around Roxanna.

This is like, I think I remember, a 1980's Steve Winwood music video.

There is red only.

Green only.

And back to both colors.

– So that makes for apretty cool light display.

Our Christmas motif this year, I think, is we got thelaser lights goin' on, we've got the projection LEDlights goin' on the garage.

And then we've got the tiki torches running right up through the yard.

That's a real product review Christmas.

Thanks, again, to the people at 1byone for sending me out thisGarden Light to try out.

I found that I'm more comfortable now, after going out anddown the street a ways, with the white paper andcatching the little laser dot, and seeing how it gets widerand dimmer with distance.

So I'm really not so worried.

Plus, this year I noticed in the news, I haven't seen any reports about pilots saying that they have those lights coming up and bothering them when they're flying over.

Find out more about this model with the link right down below this video.

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See you on the next review.

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