Hello I love the big surprise that I did Johanna Basford She sent me her new wonderful coloring "Christmas Joanna" Also, together with coloring markers were with metal-effect from Staedtler, the colors of which are very suitable for coloring ETU and nice postcard I am very glad that I was an American edition, and all because of the cover She really likes me It is decorated very simply and beautifully in traditional American style The British edition has a cover in the style of gold, as well as in previous editions Well, let's look through Eta coloring brand new, with new illustrations It begins with a cover of Christmas balls and titulki There is no longer spryatanyh things, but instead have spryatanye bullfinches, which you can find among all etoj Christmas Beauty And konechko, here is present the introduction and tips for painting, as well as in the Magic Jungle The entire book is filled with illustrations of Christmas, and they are just great There are many ornaments, candy, Christmas trees, reindeer, gingerbread houses, as well as a large owl and snowflake And then there are the famous polar bear with gift on the back, which you can learn from the competition by Joanna Figures in etoy unilateral coloring, which is very good for those who use markers Due to this fact, you can not worry that your markers leave a mark on the other side Also punching page sings you can simply pull them off and relieve razkrashivanie or use an razkrashenuyu page as a large card As you can see, each page has a pale pattern on the other side UTB and looks much better than a blank page (it is also possible to decorate) The paper is the same as in the Magic Jungle (Amer.


) It is ivory colored and dense enough Last page of the test and again cover with balls As a result, I will say that I am very happy coloring and gladly recommend it to anyone! Do not hesitate in buying I believe that all the coloring Joanna amazing and deserve to buy them Make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed.

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