Day 1 of Christmas Build Up by Lego: Sail Boat


Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER here with the first dayof the Christmas Build Up by Lego.

Set number 40222.

Looks like we got a lot to build.

It's a whole lot of nothing.

I'm just kidding.

It's a small sailboat.

If you choose, you're morethen welcome to build along.

This looks like one interesting small set.

So I decided to do the build up reviews in portions.

I was going to attempt to doa stop motion on the build up, except I don't have the software to do it.

I didn't want to embarrassmyself with the sloppy editing.

The problem I have with doingstop motions is lighting.

I'd have to film them at night anyways.

Alright let's see here.

I already have the pieces set up in advance.

So I didn't have to waste too much time hunting for pieces.

This set has a lot of small bricks and plates.

Especially 1-bys that you have to line up.

It did come with a Brick Separator.

I'll just use the side of the separator to flatten out these 1-bys.

Now let's assemble the sail.

Just to note: This is not a tutorial, but you can still follow along.

Oh I grabbed the wrong plate.

It's not that one.

My bad! Let me find it real quick.

There we go.

That's what happens when you're in a rush.

So there is the small sailboat.

We have transparent round flat tiles for portholes.

At least the sail does rotate.

It is a nice small micro build.

Well that completes the build up for day one of the Christmas Build Up set.

Thank you for watching!.