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– Hi, I'm Parris, I was atHome Depot over the weekend picking up our Christmastree, and I couldn't help picking up some of the new types of lights I saw at the store, this is a projection LED kaleidoscope light, which may sound like the very same kind Ireviewed a couple of days ago.

That was the one you put out in your yard and you point it atthe front of the house, and it did the display,this is a little different, this one you may actually needto go on a ladder to attach, it has eight lights with clips and they clip along yourgutter or your shingles, somewhere along the edge of your house, and then they point towards the front, it gives a different effectand it's not as likely I think for peoplewalking by to just decide to pull up out of youryard and take with them.

♫ Epic review guys This LED projection kaleidoscope doesn't use lasers, it uses an LED and each bulb uses abouttwo watts of power.

I'm still on the fencewith the laser lights, about both my eyes, theeyes of people walking by, and the eyes of pilots flying over, so I'm still a little wary of doing that.

It does look like ithas a very nice effect.

I'm going to hook theseonto the shingles I think right along the front edge of our garage and we'll see how that looks tonight.

Picked this up for $20 at Home Depot.

You can find out more about it at the link down below this video.

This projection light setlooks like it will be more work than the one you just stick on a stake in the yard and point at your house, but again, the advantageis that if it's easy to put in your yard, it'seasy to take out of your yard.

Also, with this you can run the wires usually right out your garage door to wherever you need it togo in the front of the house rather than having to directthem out through your yard.

These are large, I was thinkingthese were much smaller.

These probably makefor a pretty good sure.

In the box comes theprojection light string, and the clips which are two pieces that you snap togetherand then that allows you to attach it to the gutteror underneath your shingles and it holds the bulbpointing at your house.

The clips are really easy to put together, they just slide together 'til they snap.

This is going to hold the bulbportion pointing at the house and this is going to clip onto the roof.

I have one on here.

So with it attached like this, if you're putting it with gutters, you can fold this down and this little clippy piece will clip ontothe gutter, pointing this at the house, otherwise with shingles, leave it pointing out like this, you slide this portion under the shingle and this portion up top will grab onto it and again, pointing at your house.

Thought I'd plug these in tosee what kind of light we get.

Pretty impressive forone string of lights.

I'm excited to see how they look tonight.

Here are the projection lights hanging along the roofline here.

Gonna put this last one on,attach it to the shingles.

This is harder to do one-handed.

Okay, there we go.

And we're ready for night time.

Probably could have used an extra string to finish off the front of the garage, but it'll be interestingto see whether this is enough to actually lightup the whole garage door.

Maybe it goes further than it looks.

The LED projection kaleidoscope bulbs I decided to center a littlebit more on the garage door.

And it looks pretty coolhere, but as I back up, you'll see it really doesn't do the whole garage door the way I imagined.

Now, this is handy because the plugin is right up with the garage, it wasn't hard to plug it in, it's up out of the way, it's not likely somebody's gonna make off with this, but it's really not adjustable.

The little plasticpieces that come with it, you can't really bend them to shape where these are pointing, Iwould like them to point further down to cover the whole garage, but I don't have a way to do that.

So trying out a coupledifferent types of LED projection Christmas lights, it turns out this one with the bulbs that hang right along the edge of the garage or he front of your house and then shine the light on them wasactually, to my surprise, voted most popular bythe people in this house.

They like the diamond-y crystal look that it put on the garage door, said it looked like somethingout of the movie Frozen.

So if that's the look you're going for, this could be a good option, get about $20, I found it at Home Depot and I have a link to itdown below this video.

Very easy to put up andI'm sure just as easy to pull those clips off of the shingles, and roll it up and put itaway for another Christmas.

This one does involve yougetting up on a ladder, but the results were very popular.

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