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– Hi, I'm Parris and over at Home Depot over the weekend, pickingup the Christmas tree, I saw they had some new types of decorations available for your house.

Especially the kind you don't have to climb up on a ladder to set up.

So I picked one up to try out.

Let's see tonight how this one works.

(guitar strumming) (rock crumbling) ♫Epic review guys♫ This is the LED Projection Kaleidoscope.

This uses an LED light, not lasers, and this glass bulb which rotates, to project the lights up onto your house.

You don't have to climbany ladders for this.

You stake it out into your yard, aim it towards your house, you do need to run apower cable out to it.

Goes for about $20, Ipicked it up at Home Depot.

You can find it online at thelink right below this video.

I like the fact that this isn'ta laser projection system.

I still worry a little about those with it shining in your eyes, or worse, in the eyes of some pilotflying over your house.

So this shouldn't have anydangers like that going on.

In the box is the device with about a five or six foot cable on it.

Still gonna need to run anextension cord, I'm pretty sure, because this has to sit somedistance from your house to put the display allover the front of it.

Very skimpy instructions, there's no on off switch or anythingwith it, it's pretty basic.

And this is the stake.

You attach this to thisportion that you can angle, stick that into the ground,and point it at your house.

That's about it for instructions.

Inside this crystal looking bulb, there are three one watt LEDs.

Doesn't seem like a whole lotta power.

And then a motor here to rotate this, so the lights move around on your house.

No on off switch, you just plug it in, unplug it to get it to work.

And then the stake thatgoes into the ground.

Well I plugged it in tosee what it looked like, and I was wrong about itnot producing a lotta light.

Those three bulbs really goto town, producing a lot.

Look how dark it's gotten the screen.

And let me shine it on the wall behind me here, give you an idea.

That's a lotta pretty cool lookin' lights.

Here's the LED ProjectionKaleidoscope in the yard.

So you're seeing the front of the house.

They don't tell you whatdistance to put it at, so we'll try this tonightand adjust accordingly.

With the In YardProjection LED Kaleidoscope I see this on the walls of my porch and I love this, its just like the kind of reflections youget out of a swimming pool.

So here's where that light is coming from.

Yeah, it is kinda blinding.

That's kinda the bad thingof walkin' out the door.

(footsteps over grass) Well once you get past it and turn to look at the front of the house, I really like how it's turned out.

It's on the trees, I dunnoif you can see up there, even a little, all overthe front of the house.

Now it does angle out this way, which worries me a littlethat it may bother us walking down the sidewalkor down the street.

But I think the trees willpretty much contain it.

Pretty cool effect on the grass too.

Now this is easily adjustablejust by tipping the angle.

That might be a little more reasonable, not as much shooting up into the sky.

So that's easy, and you can pull it up and turn it left and right to adjust where the light is going.

I really like that about it.

The bad thing is that youjust have to pull it up out of the yard and youcan walk away with it.

Now the just stake it outsomewhere in your yard, point it towards your house LEDProjection Christmas lights, this was my favorite.

I really liked the atmosphere it gave of that light reflectingin a swimming pool.

Which I know isn't exactlya Christmas-type look, but it's just very soothingand appealing to me.

It also covered a very large area and it was adjustable both that you could angle it up and down.

Which is different fromanother type of light that I tried hanging acrossthe front of the garage that just pointed rightat the garage door.

Also it's easy to justpull up out of the yard and move closer or further away to increase or decrease wherethe lights are shining.

Though that is a potential downside to it, that it's easy to just pickup and take out of your yard.

I picked this up over atHome Depot for about $20, and it does come in other colors.

You don't have to go withthe swimming pool blue, you can get it red and green,or a mixture of colors.

You can find out more about it also at the link down below this video.

I'll be back soon with more reviews.

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