Arthur Christmas – Unpopped Review


Welcome to the Unpopped Review: Movie reviews from a movie lover and not a movie critic.

Last week I revealed my top 12 favorite Christmas movies.

And the top of the list was 2011s Computer Animated Arthur Christmas.

At that time I said that I would give it a full review to show you why you should add it to your Christmas viewing.

So with that, let’s get on with my review of Arthur Christmas.

The movie begins by showing that Santa is actually a title that is passed down from father to Son throughout many generations.

And because of this passing of the hat there is bound to be an evolution of Santa as different generations take the reigns.

And this is depicted perfectly in three different characters of the movie.

1st you have the current Santa, who is played by Jim Broadbent, who is on his 70th Christmas ride.

He grew up doing things the old ways, but is quickly becoming overcome by the technology around him.

The only way he can keep up is with the help of his tech savvy son Steve, voiced by Hugh Laurie.

Steve has a completely different ideology and wants to modernize Christmas and treat it like a business.

And the third character is Santa’s father, Grandsanta, played by Bill Nighy, who retired many years ago and thinks that technology is overrated and believes that Christmas should go back to the way it used to be.

The entire movie has a subtext of using modern technology versus doing things the old fashioned way.

It could have been really easy for the movie to take a side.

But in Arthur Christmas it doesn’t.

Both Steve’s use of technology and Grandsanta’s love of the old ways aren’t wrong.

Both have their flaws but overall their good and just done in a different approach.

They just get so lost in their approach to Christmas that they forget the true meaning of the Holiday.

And we can relate to that so well.

We get so focused on what we want to do and how we want to accomplish things that we forget about the things that truly matter.

And it’s not the first movie to do this, I just like the way that it does it by using technology versus old fashion.

But of course we can’t forget the other main character, Santa’s other son Arthur, voiced by James McAvoy.

He is a nervous, clumsy, screw up who’s afraid of heights, flying, reindeer and is constantly messing up.

He was even put in the mailroom of the North Pole just to keep him out of everybody’s way.

So when technology eventually fails and Santa and Steve accidentally miss delivering a present to a child, Arthur must overcome his fears, straighten up and save the day, right? Well, not exactly.

And this is another genius part of Arthur Christmas.

Arthur is not only flawed, but even at the end he’s not the best person for the job, but what he does encapsulate is the genuine love and magic of Christmas.

He not only cares for the little girl that Santa forgot, he cares that she believes in Santa.

He doesn’t want her to lose the magic of coming down the stairs and looking under the tree and seeing a present from Santa Claus.

Arthur doesn’t want her to be like the millions of other children that don’t believe that Santa is really there.

And most of all Arthur doesn’t want her to lose the joy of the season.

And that is really what Christmas is all about, the emotions and joy that we share with each other.

But the story and heart aren’t the only reasons why I love Arthur Christmas so much.

A lot of it has to do with how fast and funny the movie is.

All the action movies so quickly and almost every frame has at least a little joke.

Almost every line of dialogue is packed with jokes.

It’s like Monty Python, Shaun of the Dead, or The Office every time I watch it I see a new joke that I didn’t see before.

In fact this last time I noticed just how funny Mrs.

Claus is.

One second she’s talking about a treaty pact with Greenland and the next she’s telling a story about being attacked by a polar bear.

They’re such throw away lines but with the delivery that it’s given and all the chaos that’s going on it just makes it that much funnier.

Now do I expect Arthur Christmas to be your favorite Christmas movie like it is mine? Of course not.

But if you haven’t sat down and watched it yet, I'd say to take a little time, sit down this Holiday season, and give it a chance.

And who knows, maybe you’ll love the story, the heart, and the humor as much as I do.

So that’s what I think of Arthur Christmas, what do you think? And what are some of your favorite modern Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments below and remember to always keep it unpopped!.