The Untold Truth Of The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is themost star-studded runway in the world, featuring all of the world's top supermodels in oneplace, along with amazing theatrics and chart-topping musical acts.

Like all grand productions, though, there'sa lot more going on behind the scenes than we usually get to see.

Here's a look at the untold truth behind theVictoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Backstage bonuses The Victoria's Secret models work hard, butthey play hard, too.

According to Adriana Lima, the ladies arespoiled backstage before the show with pizza and cupcakes.

There are also rumors that the models enjoya few cocktails to loosen up before hitting the runway.

Not a bad deal at all.

Model muscles They make it look effortless, but being amodel in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is no easy feat! Besides keeping their balance in some veryhigh heels, many of the elaborate costumes that come down the runway require some majormuscles to hold up.

Back in 2011, VS Fashion Show regular AlessandraAmbrosio wore a set of jewel-encrusted wings that weighed a staggering 60 pounds, all whilebeing four months pregnant.

Talk about skills.

They fight over costumes While it's mostly all love between Victoria'sSecret Angels, the super models have been known to get super competitive when it comesto costumes at the fashion show.

Adriana Lima admitted during an interviewwith Buzzfeed back in 2014: "During fittings, we fight over who gets thebiggest wings.

" And who could blame them? Some of those wings are to die for.

Two for one If getting away unscathed after one show wearingthose heavy costumes isn't enough, try having to do it twice.

That's right, the Victoria's Secret FashionShow happens not once, but two times.

Said Lima: "We actually tape two identical fashion showsand they are edited together from different angles.

" Where lip gloss goes to die According to the fashion show's team of makeupartists, the models go through about 150 tubes of lip gloss in a single runway show, whichequates to about three tubes per model.

It's safe to say there's plenty of retouchinggoing on backstage.

Pain and gain While there's certainly plenty of detoxingin the months leading up to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, others try to beef upin order to fill out those tiny bikinis.

In fact, Chanel Iman told Fashionista shetried to gain weight for the 2011 show.

"I worked out two hours a day for two weeksbefore the show.

For me, gaining weight doesn't happen overnight.

I have to really work at it.

" Runway ready Forget all the time it takes getting intothose costumes.

That's nothing compared to the time the modelsspend getting dolled up for the show.

Hair extensions, spray tans, and lash extensions,are just part of the process.

Adriana Lima revealed that "It takes fivehours of hair and makeup.

" Don't mess with Taylor Swift In 2013, model Jessica Hart allegedly sparkeda feud with superstar musical guest Taylor Swift after telling Women's Wear Daily thatshe didn't think Swift was a good addition to the Victoria's Secret world.

"Bless her heart.

I think she's great… But, I don't know, to me, she didn't fit.

" When Swift performed the following year, Hartwas notably missing from the lineup, and according to reports, it was direct payback for thediss.


High alert With so many A-list celebrities in attendance,it's no wonder The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show doesn't skimp on security.

Before entering, photographers, journalists,and yes, even models, have to have all their belongings checked out by bomb sniffing dogs.

And anyone who attends the Victoria's Secretfashion Show must adhere to some pretty strict rules, which include no photos, no videos,and absolutely no social media.

In fact, according to one editor for Cosmopolitan,security gave out plastic baggies for phones, and strictly monitored guests to make surethere was no social media posting.

Many models, one bathroom Forty-seven models.

Dozens of makeup artists, crew members andjournalists.

And at the 2015 show there was one bathroomfor everyone to share … and it was unisex according to Cosmopolitan: "That meant a photographer could be standingat the urinal doing his business when in would walk Stella Maxwell in her pink-and-whitestriped mini-robe to take care of some business of her own.

I'm not saying that is definitely what happened,but he went in, then she went in.

They were definitely in there at the sametime.

" Sounds absolutely.


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