Nail Vinyl Tutorial (3 Styles) + Giveaway Winner

Nail Vinyl
Nail Vinyl


I’m trying Nail Vinyl for the first time of my life and it looked like this join my adventure guys so first of all I have applied this beautiful pearlish white polish on my nails and then using the flower nail vinyls which you can see I’ve already used two and you can get it on 10 percent discount.

Description about it in the description box and of course the coupon is on the screens.

I applied it on the thumb and Failed.

But index finger was bang on.

So,we have to remove it first to follow with something edgy you can either use in the file or the edge of your nail or whatever you like and just remove it like a sticker and it comes off easily and then applied on the nail and you know just make sure everything is stuck nicely i’m using the red polish at the tissue paper and I’m just gonna sponging on it i applied it like you know you apply nail polish over it and it filled on my thumb.

So just sponge it.

that’s the best thing so I’m sponging it so nothing is left and before it dries make sure that you’re going to take off the Nail Vinyl otherwise everything will be ruined so you have to do.

Omg I’ve torn it anyway so you know this so it looks nice right and now i’m going to use this other technique and going to remove it first of all you can see how easy it is to remove right and i’m going to apply this on my ring finger and you know you can see how nicely it has been put and now i’m not sponging it i’m going to cut this is it and use it as a sticker you can see how beautiful it looks right so once you have stuck it nicely use nail file and remove the edges you know so it’s perfect so I’m going to do this little left of stickers and a light on my nail you can always make different designs with it you’ll see i’m just giving an example right and so once you’re done apply top coat on your nails and yes we are done but winner of the giveaway is Sara Sheikh.

guys do let me know what your giveaway next time because next giveaway is coming soon so yeah it’s me Leneha Junsu signing off bubyeee Take care ^_^.

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