lolitha dresses
lolitha dresses

Spread the dress out and change the position of your legs, I think.

Put my hands where, about here? Yes, move them here, that will make your face look smaller.

What look will you give the camera? Very cool! That was a great idea.

Let me copy that look later.

Oh do that! I think you should.

Hey guys this is Cathy Cat and today I am here at "Dreaming of Little Lover" which is the annual tea party by the Lolita fashion brand called "Baby the Stars Shine Bright" today I have the pleasure to go round and ask the beautifully dressed people here to teach me some beautiful Lolita fashion poses or general poses that they do when they get asked to take a picture.

Let's go and ask Japanese.

Do you have a pose you often get asked to do, a trademark pose or such? I think my pose.

I am probably not allowed to show you.

It is a bit extreme.

My personal pose is actually not cute.

Everyone in the back is laughing already.

If you asked me, I am more this type of person you see.

This face, like that.

You shouldn't do that! But that would actually be my pose.

– Please let me copy that look later.

– Oh please do! Rather than striking poses, I think the cute thing about Lolita fashion is.

the way you incline your neck and use your eyes.

If you look straight ahead, it will look cute but.

However if you incline your neck a bit like a doll you will look friendlier.

If you glance upwards don't overdo it though.

look upwards, don't give it a weird smile.

A gentle look, as if you and your clothes are one.

I think that is actually much cuter.

Making big poses is cute too but.

You don't have to pose to be cute.

You will be cute if you just incline your head in subtle ways.

I personally think so.

That was a great idea.

Let me copy cat that look later.

Oh do that! I think you should.

Your pose will change depending on what dress you wear.

What I do a lot are poses like this.

– Hands together?- Hands together.

You don't need big poses like these.

Just like this.

– A subtle, cute look.

– Keep is classical.

Let's try if that works for others too.

Do you have a Lolita pose, or a personal favorite? My favorite? I use my hands, and grasp the frill like this.

I do it like this or spread out my dress.

So pull forwards your sleeves and hide your hands a little.

That's it.

I think that's the cutest pose.

I am not a professional, so let's see how that looks if I copy cat it.

Please try it.

This area of the skirt is very cute so grasp it.

Cross your legs or put your hands to your face.

Put my hands where, about here? Yes, move them here, that will make your face look smaller.

Like this? Let me try that out.

– I'll try my best.

– Do it.

Today, I had a stick I was supposed to carry.

So I did poses with it, so people would see it well.

What type of poses? Like this, as if I am putting a spell on them.

– Like that?- Yes! Let me be a copy cat of that.

I'll use my microphone instead.

When you wear Ouji (Prince) style, what pose do you usually do? I move like this.

You move side wards.

Like this.

Putting your hands together.

Welcoming a princess.

I do that a lot.

What look will you give the camera? A deep look like this.

So cool.

I don't think I can be that cool but let me copy cat that.

You are modelling so, do you have a specific personal Lolita pose? When I first started out as Lolita fashion model.

I did very energetic Lolita poses.

I got asked to tone it down a bit.

Subtle poses like this and such.

Calm it down.

Can you show me a calm pose and an energetic pose.

For the classical pose, cross your legs.

Like this.

And then open your mouth like a duck.

– Duck Face?!- Duck face! Do the duck face.

And what is your energetic pose? Spread your legs like this.

One hand on hip and do it like this.

Suits you! – Like that.

– Lets try it together.

I would like to ask you to show me the pose you can do the best.

I often do poses where I lean against the person next to me like this.

I want to be stick close to others.

And then maybe lift up one leg.

I prefer not to move too much.

I take care not to go pigeon toed.

I move my feet outwards, put a hand on my hip or Hold my pirate hat and such.

This is the pose I do the most.

Wide stance and stand like this.

– Showing your cool side.

– Cool appearance! I want to appear as cool as possible.

I hold my hat and cross my legs.

That looks pretty cool! When taking a picture, I often do the heart pose.

That's a nice one.

And also the bunny ear pose.

That's the ones I like.

The Heart pose and the Bunny Ear pose I often do the C pose or the heart pose too.

My name starts with C so please show the the C pose.

For the C pose, you make a pose like this and look a bit away from the camera.

That's the best way to take it.

Nice one! Let's try it together.

Hold on to your dress and cross your legs.

That's the way I do it.

Having something in your left hand, is that a thing? Hold something with my left, or my bag and such.

Show off my staff and such.

Hold it up a little bit like this and lift it up.

Nice one.

I shall copy cat that.

I have the habit of moving my hands close to my face.

Like this, and turning my legs a bit like that.

With your fingers close to your face.

I hope that way my face will look a little bit smaller somehow.

Let me copy cat your poses.

Spread your dress like a princess would.

And then I cross my legs.

I do it like this.

And move my head like this.

Welcome to the magical world of "Dreaming Of Little Lover" Which is the annual tea party from the Lolita fashion brand Baby the Stars Shine bright and Alice and the Pirates.

The most famous Lolita fashion models presented the long awaited newest fashion releases for the new season, done by both brands.

Special guest was Tsuchiya Anna from the movie "Shimotsuma Monogatari" which is also called "Kamikaze Girls".

And she presented herself in full Lolita style.

More about this at the end of the video.

So lots of beautiful poses we learned today.

And how about you? Do you have a nice Lolita pose? Please take a nice selfie of you in a Lolita pose add the hashtag #ASKJAPANESE and add it on Twitter and on Instagram and I'll be able to interact with you and hopefully I can see lots of your cute pictures! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Don't forget #ASKJAPANESE I'll read you soon on Twitter and Instagram.

See you bye!.