Sephora Haul 2016

Sephora Haul
Sephora Haul

Hello, Hello, everyone.

Well, today is my first time for everyone to shoot video Well, I think for a long time to take what But then, recently I received a Sephora (sephora) package, so it will take a thought for everyone sephora haul Specific to talk about me in sephora buy something.

Because just recently, sephora's VIBR and VIB have 20% discount So, without further ado you, let's look at what I have to buy it ~ I'll put everything out Come Well, these are the things I bought it ~ I bought a total of 5 samples of products Sephora then send the sample to me three I guess they should be the sample of it (what else could it be retarded.


-) Well, first let's look at what I bought.

So it is this one make up forever the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, I bought the color is Y225 Actually, I have not used this liquid foundation, but I see a lot on youtube youtuber have introduced this product.

And then Jacklyn Hill is also in use, this is her ride or die products Then ride or die means is that if you are going on a desert island, you can only bring a product, would you take it? This liquid foundation then it is her choice to bring the island as the only foundation friends This shows that I think this is a good liquid foundation friends So I bought I bought the color it is Y225, more suitable for Asians Because in fact I kinda white So let me give you a look Oh, remember ye not come out ah So actually, this very supple liquid foundation, do not speak too viscous I am a mixed skin, kinda my T-zone oil Then I usually face is very dry So I think that would be better than liquid foundation, foundation cream In fact, Jacklyn Hill recommended that the foundation paste it Then I think that seems like a very dry, so I bought this liquid foundation In fact, this liquid foundation we can see quite suitable for me, especially the color Quite easily coated uniformly Then Concealer is also quite good I heard that sustainability is also very good, so I bought it See it? Pretty good bar Entire makeup quite natural In fact, I like a little heavy makeup, but used to use bb cream So I think before bb cream coated with a coating got nothing seems the same But this liquid foundation will look good points Well, let me close up.

Let's look at it a second sample I bought a second kind of hourglass lighting poweder Then I bought the ambient, ha ha I will not read Anyway, it is this ~ Why do I want to buy this color Because it is too powerful friends Clearance 46 was originally a knife, I bought this color only 24 So I bought it this color Wow, kinda nice box Kinda white I think the white point good point A little glitter, if the play should highlight pretty Because I did not brush around it, so can not brush everyone to see But I can take a test the next color for everyone to see The third kind of view Becca is the priming filter I heard that this can be done and to be done foundation primer Then I go to the store before you try the next pretty good Then the equally Jacklyn Hill's ride or die products In fact, I bought this basically she recommended This primer is then no color can be selected Then also quite easy to use Let us look at it And squeeze past, it seems that the new products are like Let me squeeze in the other hand, because the hand that squeezed just make up forever liquid foundation It is like that It looks pretty good.

Wow! Good flash ah.