HUGE Winter Haul (ASOS, New Look, River Island, Boohoo) – Lily Melrose

Huge Winter Haul
Huge Winter Haul

– Hi guys, I hope all is well.

Today's view is going to bea huge-ass collective haul of a bunch of thingsI've bought over the last couple of months.

I have actually alreadyfilmed this video once, but the lighting is socrazy at the moment.

I have moved into my new filming space, which is my downstairs bedroom.

This isn't going to bemy background forever, it's just going to be thebackground until I get my new desk and until I get my new sofa bed.

(chiming) I really want to do like aroom transformation type thing.

So I did film the before,and then I will show you it once it's all done.

The new office desk,kind of tour- type thing.

Which I'm super excited about! Well I haven't actually reallychanged around my house a lot since I moved in.

I know a lot of people wantto see around my house, but I don't really wantto do like a house tour, but I might show you guyssome more elements of my house as I redo it.

Even though I am likelygoing to move in February, but still, yeah.

But anyway, I'm sure you didn't care about the state of my office.

But I thought, yep, time todo a haul and I really hope you guys enjoy it, so let's begin! – Number one is this jumperthat I am wearing right now, which is by that brandwho did that camo coat that I showed you in mycoat collection video.

I still don't actually knowhow to pronounce the name, I have been meaning toemail the brand all week and ask how to say it.

Cause someone told me it was like "Yak-ay" which is Danish for jacket,but then someone who DM'ed me told me that they model for the brand and it was just called"Jake" so I really don't know how to say it, but basicallyI went on their website, saw this jumper, it was20 quid in the sale, it makes me look about three sizes bigger than I actually am, but it's so warm, so snuggly, and I justlove it so, so much.

It's so crazy and so overthe top, and I know that it makes me look sochunky, which doesn't help when you're already chunky to begin with.

But it's just amazing.

I love the texture, Ilove the mix of pattern.

I feel like a Yeti on acidand I frigging love it.

Next I got is this jumperwhich is an amazing rose gold copper and sweater top from Daisy Street.

Daisy Street are a brand that are on ASOS, and I always see stuff thatthey do on there that I like, but I've never, I don'tthink I've ever actually bought from there.

I remember for a long timethey used to just do shoes and I think I bought apair of shoes from there but now I think they do clothes as well.

And I saw this and I waslike, "Oh my God, I need it.

" Sequins and faux far willbe a very common theme going forward on this channel.

They are my two favoritetrends of all time.

I love glitter, I loveluxe kinds of things.

I love anything sparkly,bright, and then furry and cozy.

I was going to get theblack version of this, and I still might get theblack version of this.

I like the black one causeblack goes with everything then I was like, "No, I need a copper one, "because I love copper.

" I'm really really into pinkand copper and brown tones at the moment.

I am the kind of personthat would wear sequins during the day.

The only thing that I reallydon't particularly like about it is the fact thatit's got kind of like this ribbed cuffs, I feel likeit kind of cheapens it a tiny bit, but I feel like italso adds like a sports-wear inspired edge to it.

Honestly I've got a lot of love for this and I'm really, really pleased with it.

Most of the stuff in thishaul I do actually really like and I think I'll definitely be keeping pretty much most of it.

But, before I would show you this shirt even though I'm not gonna keep it.

And it really reminds meof the brand Self Portrait.

It's really, reallygorgeous, really delicate.

It's actually from Miss Selfridge, I think it was about 50 pounds.

But compared to Self Portrait,which I think is about 180 pounds for a top.

It's really, really affordable.

Now I would keep this, but thecolor just isn't quite right for me.

It's a very kind of delicate baby pink, which you probably can'treally tell so much on camera.

And on the website, I got it off ASOS, but basically on the websiteit kind of looked like more of a creamy pink.

And this is more of a babypink, as you would buy for a girl baby, eventhough I hate that kind of gendered stuff.

I thought it would be moreflesh tone ivory pink, it doesn't really suit mebecause I have such warm skin.

I don't think it really goestoo well with my skin tone.

But the shirt itselfis so, so, so gorgeous.

It's a really nicealternative to Self Portrait.

If you guys wanted tobuy something from there and you just don't agree withtheir ridiculous price tags, this one is for you.

Next up, I have this top whichis from BooHoo, and it is a Rolling Stones baseball t-shirt.

I really like this tshirt,but I just think this picture of Charlie Watts isthe most teriffying thing I have ever seen.

He just looks really weird in it.

He actually looks like he's possessed.

As I mentioned in myfashion favorites video, I really, really like bandt-shirts at the moment.

I've been getting very much into all kinds of band stuff cause Ithink it works really well when mixed with sequins andfaux fur and stuff like that.

I feel like it adds likea rock and roll vibe.

And I know I talk about thisa lot but that's basically the only way I can describehow I like to dress and how I would personallydescribe my dream outfit goals.

I bought this one recentlywhen I was going through like a Rolling Stones phaseand I do really like it.

Everyone on this t-shirtlooks crazy apart form Mich, which Ronnie just looks so strange.

This top is just areally plain basic vest.

I actually don't own anyplain basic you know, vest type things like this, so I thought I would get this one, it's slinky, kind of wooo.

With a lace cut out, and I think it was absolutely gorgeous on.

It kind of reminds me alittle bit of lingerie, it looks really good withlike kimonos and little blazer type things.

And it's definitely fillinga gap in my wardrobe.

I can't believe all the clothesthat I own, I don't really own anything like this.

And you will notice, Iam buying a lot of stuff at the moment, but I amtrying to get rid of all, like my old stuff.

I have so much stuff in mywardrobe that I don't wear.

And I'm really really tryingmy hardest to get rid of it all and just start againand start wearing things that I actually really like again.

My camera just died, butbasically what I was saying is that I just really wantto sort out my wardrobe.

There's so much stuff in therethat isn't really me anymore, stuff that I just don't feel fits in with my personal style anymore.

And I just want to dress morelike the way I want to dress, which is kind of eccentric.

I don't know, it's so hard to explain your own personal style,but I just want to start wearing things that Iactually feel are more me than some of the stuff in mywardrobe that I haven't worn for ages.

Next up, is this jacket, it is from Mango.

I never really shopped at Mango before.

I don't think I've everbeen on the website.

So really soft, biker, moto style jacket, I think it's really gorgeous,I love the leopard print, it's really reallystatement, really really fun.

I did have a lot ofissues with the delivery of this parcel and I was very mad at them for awhile, but then Irealized it was my fault because I actually putmy address in wrong.

So yeah, always double check your address.

Cause it went to thesame street name as mine, but it didn't have the same suffix, so it was somewhere elsefor a couple of weeks.

But I finally got my paws on it.

I think it'd be reallycool to layer like a fur stoll over it to give ita little bit more luxe and a little bit more glamour.

So imagine this jacket, thatvest that I just showed you and some leather trousers.

That would be such a cool outfit.

This next top was in the thumbnail of my online shopping tipsvideo, and so many people asked about it, like I was really shocked about how many peoplewanted to know about it.

But it's basically this longline kind of tunic style tshirt, with this, can you see it? Like cut out front.

This kind of cut out front thing is really really trending at the moment.

I know people like GiGiHadid and Kendall Jenner wear stuff like this all the time.

And I've actually recentlystarted doing it to a lot of my band tshirts.

I am gonna do like a DIY.

Obviously this is sofriggin easy to cut out.

But there's a few alternativeband customization techniques that I'm gonna do a video on.

But literally you just cut a triangle out the front of a t-shirt.

Every time I've worn this I'vehad so many compliments on it and I didn't really think thatit was gonna be such a hit as it was, but it reallyhas been one of those tops that like everyone wantsto know where it's from.

Cause it's so long youcan wear it with jeans or you could wear it with leggings, it depends, whatever you feel like.

It's a great lazy dayoutfit if you just want to like chill around thehouse but also kind of cool kind of chic, very in at the moment.

I know like some people are really assy about people wearing bandt-shirts who don't actually like the band or they'venever heard the band, but I personally really don't care.

But I can't work out whichtwo band t-shirts these are.

I don't know if they've just made them up.

This is obviously very like Pink Floyd, who I really don't like, I'venever been into Pink Floyd.

And then I don't really know what this is.


I bought this on a latenight River Island binge and I'm very, very pleased with it.

I'm so glad I got that.

In that same River Islandthing I also ended up buying this shirt, whichyou would have seen in my, what video was it, what video did I make, was it online shopping tips? Was I wearing this shirt? I'm not sure, I think it was.

And this also from River Island.

Love this kind of ruffly front bit, I think it's very tuxedo like, and I love the star print.

I'm first of all, not over star print, still one of my favorite things.

I wouldn't say I'm normallyinto this kind of style of shirt.

I feel like button up shirts can sometimes look very frumpy, but this onedoesn't make me look frumpy.

Very 70s, kind of glam rock.

Think it would be quitecool if I got some of those color tip things, or something to put on the little collar bits.

I think it would add a cooler touch to it.

I don't really shop at River Island.

It's not one of those shopsthat I would normally go in.

I don't know if it's just me but I have a little routine of shops that I always go on, like every day.

So I go on Top Shop, I goon ASOS, I go on New Look, but I never even thinkto look on River Island.

But they actually have so muchreally, really lovely stuff at the moment.

There's this pinkglitter moto biker jacket on there at the moment which I love, like I actually think I'm in love with it.

Even for me, it's a bit too sparkle heavy.

But I do really love it,and I recon if I went and tried it on at RiverIsland I would buy it in like two seconds causeit's just so beautiful.

Oh, what a surprise, Lilyhas got another coat.

So I know I've beenharping on about wanting a green faux fur coat for ages.

And I finally found the one that I love.

I always over-size myself when it comes to faux fur jackets.

Because in themselves, they'realways very, very thick and chunky anyway, sowhen you're wearing layers underneath as well itjust gets a bit too tight and you end up walking around like this.

I did, actually, and I still do, own a green faux fur Guesscoat, which is amazing and I love it and I usedto wear it religiously but it is way too small for me now.

Honestly, I tried it on the other day, and I couldn't even move my arms in it.

I was like, "Great my armshave expanded so much, "I can't even wear one ofmy favorite coats anymore.

" I did try a green faux fur coat from ASOS that I really, reallyliked, but the only problem with that one is it wasreally, really long on me, and I even got the petite version and it was still really long on me.

It just kind of drownedme and made me look like, I don't know, like I wasin a fancy dress costume, it just didn't work for me.

This was much shorterso really flattering.

I'm so obsessed with the color.

I think it was about 50 pounds.

And it's also so crazy soft,I just want to stroke it.

I'm so lucky that all thecoats I've got that are faux fur recently are like,the snuggliest things ever.

The next top is crazy.

This is totally glam rockand I friggin love it.

It's this completelysequined, it's so heavy, like it kind of remindsme of what I would imagine chain mail to feel like.

Long sleeved sequined top.

Just take a moment toappreciate those sequins.

Like, wow, amazing.

This is from ASOS.

I've had my eye on thisfor absolutely ages.

I remember when I first came on the site and I saw it and I was justlike, "I need you in my life.

" and I was like, it's so expensive.

It was 65 pounds.

Then their Halloween20% off code came around and I was like, "Well, okay.

" And I had some of their ASOSVIP credits that you get when you spend money onASOS, you get credits and sometimes you get vouchers.

So essentially I didn'tpay a huge amount for this.

But oh my God, I love this so, so much.

So much, so much, so much.

I can't honestly put intowords how much I love it.

It's absolutely crazy.

So heavy.

Really awesome and just.

Ah! The only thing that I'm alittle bit worried about is the base material is kindof like a very fine mesh, and it's already startedto fray quite a lot.

And I have this feelingthat I'm just gonna be like, one day pull it, and then it all unravels, and then there'll be likesequins, tears, everywhere.

For now I'll embrace it.

I really, really love it.

And I cannot wait to wear this.

I just need an excuse to wear it, which will probably be tomorrow because I just love it so much.

(laughing) There's only a few more items left.

So next I got these amazingsuper cute furry gloves.

Now I know a lot ofpeople are gonna be like, "Those are crazy, they're likesomething a kid would wear.

"They look like you'recosplaying as a bear.

" But for me, I think they're awesome.

They're so warm and so snuggly.

These have also been in my ASOSbasket for such a long time, I really really love them.

I think they look reallycool with a leather jacket or a denim jacket.

Got to love a little bit of mittens.

I feel like I should geta string and just string them together, just so sweet.

So soft, so awesome.

And I don't really wear glovees, I'm not really like a glove person, but I can still just about usemy phone while wearing these.

They're just so adorableand they are huge as well.

They make my headlookbigger than my actual phase.

No haul would be complete without a pair of Quay sunglasses.

I have way too many but Ineeded a new pair after I, when I was in Egypt, I rolledover and lay down on my sunglasses and I ended up breaking them, which is really annoying.

I just wanted a pair of plainblack ones with a mirror lens that wasn't colored,just like a plain silver.

Just for everyday kind of wear.

Not that I wear sunglassses every day, Next one's a pair ofsunglasses that tend to go with everything that I would potentially wear.

And obviously, I just love key.

I think these are my girls.

But I don't think they're thesame as the other My Girls that I normally buy.

I feel like the My Girlsthat I normally get are more, like more a thicker plastic, and these feel very, very light.

They have much more of alightweight field to me.

Which kind of worries mecause I don't want to break them again, cause I was soguttered about the other pair that I broke.

And that was my fault forfalling asleep on them.

But yeah I like these.

They also have a cream versionwhich I also really, really liked those two.

But yeah, black goes with everything.

Simple, easy.

I'm not sure if should showthis in the video or not, but basically it's just acored and strand star choke, which I really like.

But if just noticed thatone of the stars is missing.

Which isn't ideal.

But yeah I saw that andthought that was cute, so obviously I bought it.

And then I have shown thiscoat in a victory before but I'm gonna show it in this one again because so many people ask me about it every time I wear it.

It is this biscuit caramelcolored teddy bear coat from BooHoo.

I have real thing about this caramelly, warm kind of color.

I buy a lot of things inthis color at the moment.

And its just a reallysnuggly, chuckle and go coat.

I wear it pretty much all the time.

BooHoo have outdonethemselves on this one.

Really nice material, really lovely color, and yes, I don't reallyhave much to say about it, cause I have talked about itbefore, in my coat collection.

But yeah, a lot of peopleask me ask me about it so I thought I'd mention it here as well.

So yeah, there we go, thatis the end of the video.

I love how the lighting inthis video is like perfect, now it's gotten to the end of the video.

That's so frustrating.

I really hope you guysenjoy watching this video.

All the links to everythingI mentioned in this video will be shopable down in this bottom bar.

I really hope you enjoyed it.

Please gimme a big thumbs up, please subscribe to mychannel if you're not already.

And yeah, I'll speak toyou guys in my next video.

I love you guys, lots.

Bye! (slow tempo rock music).