How To Wear Men’s Skinny Jeans – Best Men’s Fashion Style Ideas

How To Wear Men’s Skinny Jeans
How To Wear Men’s Skinny Jeans


Spray On / Super Skinny Spray on skinny are easily the tightest of jean styles.

Arguably closer to a pair of leggings thanjeans, the denim will usually come with a nice elastic lining, making them more comfortableto wear.

This daring piece of clothing is great forshowing your figure and works well with baggier tops.

schott jacket This Schott Racer Jacket that’s just dropped in from the outerwear Adonis’s is pick ofthe bunch.

Coming in an all over basic, but stylish,look, it’s the perfect way to finish off an outfit.

Just pair it with some jeans and a white tee.

The Idle Man – Jeans The Idle Man’s own clothing range is continuously growing and our buyers and designers takecare and time in choosing the highest quality fabrics and put every item through stricttesting for both quality and fitting.

All this at far more affordable prices.

As our collection grows we bring you our firstjeans.

These have been given stretch for added comfortand a deep colour for a smarter finish.

A complete wardrobe staple and essential additionto your wardrobe.

We work directly with our factories to saveyou money on what usually goes to middle men between retailers and brands.

Hudson – Boots.

Classic shapes like this are a timeless additionto anyone's wardrobe.

Chelsea boots are a great bit of footwearto pair with some crisp denim, a checked shirt and Harrington jacket for a clean and retrolook.


Standard Styles Standard styles are usually made from 100 per cent cotton, or may have a small percentageof elastane weaved in for comfort.

They don’t taper down the leg quite as muchas super skinny jeans, and have a slightly wider ankle opening.

This makes them much more versatile.

The slightly wider leg allows tall, slim guysto achieve a sharp look, while still maintaining a balance between height and width.

For those with big upper bodies and smallerlegs, standard styles place more focus on the outfit as a whole rather than just thebottom half.

Nudie – Jeans Grim Tim is a straight slim fit with normal rise.

This means It's straight from hips throughto the thigh and parallel from the knee to the leg opening.

Coming in a light colour, we’d pair thesewith a nice Oxford Shirt.

Hudson – Boots If you’re after a more robust winter boot then you can’t go wrong with these.

As well as providing support and warmth throughthe higher ankle, the slightly worn but clean finish makes these a perfect finish to anysmart/casual outfit.


Alternative This is a great look for all the rockers.

And it’s easy to adapt to both spray onand standard skinny jeans.

Stick to dark shades, mostly black, and you’llpull off the look easily.

A pair of black skinny jeans and shoes isan excellent way to keep a sense of uniformity within this outfit.

Alpha Industries – Jacket.

When it comes to military apparel, it doesn’tcome any better than Alpha Industries.

They’ve been manufacturing flight jacketsand the like for the US military for over half a century.

These are guaranteed to last you longer thanany other jacket you own.

If you’re after a modern twist on a classicpiece then you can’t go wrong with Alpha’s Injector flight jacket.

The leather detailing, removable fur collarand contrasting coloured lining are the perfect mix of contemporary finishes and a classicaesthetic.


Grunge The grunge look works perfectly with a pairof skinny jeans.

This style is all about appearing effortlesslycool and casual.

Although the 90s rock movement often favouredbaggier clothing, the skinny design is an excellent way to modernise this classic outfit.


Night Out This will most probably be your go-to look,and it’s one of the easiest to pull off.

It’s also particularly versatile workingboth for a night out or in a laid back work setting.

Men in skinny jeans will always be able topull of this great smart casual aesthetic.

Unlike other trousers, they manage to complimentboth formal and casual outfits.