Catberry: Bodyline Review 2016 (Lolita Fashion)



It'snice to meet you! Thank you for joining me on the first episodeof Catberry.

In this video we're gonna be reviewing a fewdresses from Bodyline.

So I'll start with the L367.

So this is the teddy bear dress in black.

I purchased mine in a Large and I'm so grateful For the Bodyline reviews online because they Basically said to order a size up becausethe bust is really tight.

I tend to be a Meidum in Bodyline but I ordereda Large.

So the pros are that this print is so cute.

I mean, the teddy bears are just so sweet! I really love it and the material is reallycomfortable.

There's a large zip on one of the sides.

So it's really easy to get on and off.

The first time I tried putting this on I couldn't Get the zip all the way down (laughs).

So I was just hovering like that trying toput it on.

And there's a corset lace bit at the backbut you Do have to be careful because there's a hoop it goes through and mine popped off.

A few cons of the dress would be The three small pink bows don't come off, Which is a shame because you want to washit with ease.

But the large black stripy one comes separatelyand the Small pink one at the collar/neck area comesoff, as well.

Other than that, I really, really love thisdress! I think it's really comfortable.

There's something about how it hangs- it doesn'tcrease as much As this one (GESTURES) for example.

Okay- moving onto the L396 So this is the military style dress and it'sgot This really lovely, delicious food patternon the bottom.

I absolutely love anything with food on it,obviously (GESTURES).

It's so cute! I bought this one in Red andin a Medium.

The only have the Red one in Medium left onthe Bodyline store I did expect this, but as you can see, thetop part of the pattern Is upside down, which is a bit of a shamebut this was only £10.

The previous dress as well was only £10.

So you know, you can't really give out.

If you look at the picture of the model onthe website The one in pink is also upside down.

However, I previously ordered this in mint/green afew years back You won't be able to get it anymore- you mightbe able to Get it online on Bodyline second hand salesor Ebay, for example.

That one is all the correct way round, asyou can see.

They're both really gorgeous and I don't regretbuying the red one Because I'm definitely gonna be wearing this on Christmas- this is Gonna be my Christmas outfit and I just can'twait to wear it.

Again- the material is really nice.

I haveworn the green one out Very comfortably.

It is a little bit snugaround the bust area again And the arms for me are a little bit snug.

It doesn't sit as well as the model.

But if you are smaller than me, if you buya Medium it'll probably fit you Exactly like how it fits the model.

So lastly we have the L300 Chocoberry dress! So this is just so gorgeous.

It's so cute!My boyfriend got me this one and I love it.

It's just my favourite Bodylineoutfit.

I think my favourite any outfit at the moment.

It's so cosy.

It's the the typical Wa Lolitastyle.

It has the traditional Japanese aspects.

You'vegot the Beautiful Yukata sleeves and this gorgeouslycute frilly trimming And the polka dot pattern and the strawberriesand the chocolates- You can't go wrong with this! It's just socute! So at the moment they only have two coloursleft- They have the pink and the beige left.

I gotthis in a Medium.

It comes in three parts: So you have the top Yukata, the skirt, whichhas a nice elastic waist And the Yukata is pretty free size.

And then you have the corset, which comeswith two separate bows You have the smaller one at the front andthe larger one at the back.

The large one at the back is just a nice littlereveal.

It's very comfortable.

It just sits on mereally well.

I don't really like the huge zip.

There'ssomething cheap looking about it But you do have these big Yukata sleeves thatkinda just sit over it Especially when you stand.

Oh, and I would've liked the skirt to be alittle longer Because I'm quite big on the bottom, so elasticwaists bounce up a little on me.

But I really love it, regardless.

It's my favouritething at the moment.

It's just so cute.

In terms of the shipping These were all purchased with EMS shippingand I get that everyone Has given out to Bodyline about their shippingfees being too expensive And I can understand that.

I think the reasonpeople think it's expensive now Is because airmail was free over $40 but I'vealways purchased EMS shipping Because you're just not insured, it's justnot reliable enough with Airmail.

If you have a problem, for example, with yourtracking, Bodyline won't help you.

It's under their terms and conditions.

So if you don't use EMS, they just won't helpyou with your order.

So I just wanna recommend that if you arenew to Bodyline to please Use EMS shipping just to avoid disappointment.

Mine only took a week to arrive.

It usally takes about 3-5 days.

I live inIreland.

I ordered the teddy bear dress and the militarystyle dress And that was just a little under £25 forshipping.

Honestly, I thought that was pretty reasonableconsidering they were £10 each But the reason why, to me, it sounds so reasonableis because those dresses are on sale.

So if you were going to buy them at full priceand then EMS on top it can Get a little frustrating.

But at the end ofthe day, you know, they're still Nowhere near as expensive as the bigger designerLolita brands, so.

I'm always gonna go for Bodyline and I dolike their stuff.

Their customer service is not great but Ithink as long as you purchase with EMS shipping, you should be fine.

(LAUGHS) (*JINGLE SOUND*)(JAPANESE)Finished! Thank you for watching! I hope you found thisvery helpful.

I'm sorry if it was a bit wordy.

I hope tosee you on the next one! So take care! (JAPANESE) Thank you! See you later!.