(blade clicking) – OK, that's cool.

Welcome back to another Vivian tries.

Hello you guys, welcomeback, now to the review.

Da, da, tah, dah, this is it.

Miss Lucy suggested that I try this one, and based on the reviews from Amazon, this thing is very popular,I had not heard of it until Lucy told me about it.

Thank you so much, Lucy.

But, here's the idea, it'sscissors and a cutting board all in one, I was like, "Who cares? "Cut that shit just witha cutting board, right?" But, when I saw the infomercial, I was like, "OK, I kinda get it now.

"I kinda get why everybody'sall hyped up about it.

" You'll see there it hasa little cutting board attached to the actual scissors.

So, two-in-one knife and cutting board.

So, what do I have? I have cheese, because ofthe back of the package they have a block ofcheese, so I bought cheese.

They said you could do anapple, so I have an apple.

I have a little, bitty, babypotato, we're gonna try that 'cause they have a potatoin the infomercial.

I have a cucumber.

The infomercial is socheesy, the lady's like, "Oh my god, making soup is such a hassle.

" What, like seriously.

OK, and I got corn on the cob.

It says that you can cut right through this corn on the cob,we're about the find out.

So, I've got a lot of things to try here.

Let's get started.

Gonna open this guy, I'm kindof excited about this one after I read all the reviews,'cause people really like it.

(plastic crinkling) What the hell.

OK, here we go, here it is.

(grunting)(plastic crinkling) Viola.

Nice, doesn't feel like cheap or anything.

It has a little, like alittle guard right there.

Ooh, I'm nervous.

(blade clicking) OK.

(blade clicking) Let's give it a try.

So, first, we're gonnado this little, (laughs) I better watch my fingers,'cause that would not be funny.

So, ready, hope you guys can see.

You guys can see that right? Ready, one, two, three, go.

(blade clicking) Huh.

I mean, I don't get it.

I mean, look, we'll do it this way and see if you guys can see.

(blade clicking) I guess, OK, but I'm not likeblown away by it or anything.

I mean, it cut it, butit's not like super fast.

There's a warning, oh,you're supposed to like snap it, snap, snap, snap it, snap it.

I guess, I don't know, who the fuck knows.

So, here's an apple, Idon't know about that.

We're gonna give it a shot, ready? That is not gonna cut that damn apple, let me tell you thatmuch, that I'll tell you.

Ready, one two, three, it'sabout to flip off here, go.

(blade clicks) No, fail, I gotta hold it, oh my God.

It's a crazy cut, I'mgonna hold the apple now.

(upbeat music) I mean, come on guys, I'm not impressed.

Let's see.

(blade clicking) I mean, just cut an apple,with like, who gives a shit? Right, like, somebody paid for this, OK.

I'm gonna zoom in so you guys can see this up close and personal, let's go.

All right, so here it is,here's the cutting board.

Here's the knife, knife, cutting board.

And it has this little thing there.

Here's the apple, let meshow you guys the, oh no, here's the potato, I'm gonnashow you guys the potato again.

(blade clicking) I'm scared I'm gonna cut mydamn fingers off, all right.

SO, here's the apple, andthe apple looked like shit.

Here we go.

(blade clicking) This is stupid, if you havethis thing and you love it let me know, 'kay? Let's cut this cucumber.

I'm gonna try to go fast,'cause that lady said it.

(blade clicking) OK, I see what they're saying now.

(blade clicking) OK, that's cool.

When you go really fast,you gotta go like that.

(blade clicking) You know like that, then yes.

It works a lot better,look at that, OK, cool.

Now let's try this corn.

Lets try the corn, ready? (blade clicking) Oh my God, a mess.

(blade clicking) Oh shit.

(grunting) No, that is not going to cut,ready one, two, three, go.

There's no way, no freakingway that is cutting that.

Ready, all my strength,two hands, ready go.

(grunting) No, that isnot, no, false, god dammit.

(blade clicks) Oh wait, I cut it.

Oh my Lord, that's not worthit, like, that's not, nn-nn.

No, OK, I'm not even gonna do the cheese.

I think that's good enough.

I think you got the idea.

There's the vegetables,here's corn, apple, potato.

I'm not sure what I think about it.

Mm, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I don't know, I kind of like it, I kind of think it's a wasteof money, to be honest.

So, I'm gonna give thisguy three Vivian heads.

I just wasn't that impressed with it.

It's OK, it's not a badproduct, but I think it's a waste of money.

All right, you guys, that is it for another Vivian tries video.

Thank you so much forcoming back week after week.

And, I'll see you guysin the next one, bye.